How to Choose Your Senior Living Floor Plan

How to Choose Your Senior Living Floor Plan

3 Tips for Selecting Floor Plans for Senior Housing

As you or your loved one begin to weigh your options for senior living, the apartment floor plan is one of the most important amenities to consider. This is going to be your new home, so you’ll want to choose a layout that will match your preferences and support your lifestyle. Figuring out which floor plan is best for you isn’t always easy and quick – but taking the time to reflect on your needs now will pay off in the future when you’re living in a home that you love.

As you start preparing for this next exciting chapter in your life, here are a few questions to ask yourself that can help you find the best senior living floor plan for your new home and your vibrant, engaging lifestyle.

1. Do I plan to entertain often?

Do you enjoy inviting friends and family over for movie nights, parties, and other social gatherings? If so, you might want to select a senior apartment with more square footage so guests will feel comfortable in your new home. Senior living apartments with open floor plans appear to have more space so that your friends and family won’t feel too clustered together during a night of fun.

2. What are my kitchen needs?

One of the most enticing advantages of senior living communities is that you’ll never have to cook another meal. Many retirement communities offer flexible meal plan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so a smaller kitchenette may be the perfect choice for you. If you’re still interested in preparing your own meals, you’ll want to make sure you’ll have enough space to cook your favorite dishes.

3. What about the entire community?

As you’re looking at senior living floor plans, don’t forget that you’re not just looking at one apartment, you’re considering an entire neighborhood as well as the layout of the community. Does it feature an array of open community spaces to spend your time? What about natural lighting and vibrant colors and décor? What amenities does the community offer that create an environment where you’d like to live?

Explore Senior Living Floor Plans in Kansas City

At St. Anthony’s, we offer a variety of senior living floor plans to meet your needs and support your lifestyle. Our warm and modern retirement community is located in Brookside, a charming historic neighborhood in the center of Kansas City, MO. We invite you to visit our active, resort-style community and experience everything we have to offer for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a tour or give us a call directly at 816-685-0051. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about life at St. Anthony’s.

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