St. Anthony's Senior Living

8 Ways Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life

When extra living support is needed for you or a loved one, considering a move into an assisted living facility may feel like a significant change. You know you’ll be getting the support you need, but will you still be able to enjoy the independence and lifestyle you’ve loved up until this point? The short answer is: yes!

As you determine which senior living option is right for you or your loved one, we want you to know how much assisted living can genuinely improve the quality of life for seniors! Here are eight quality of life benefits residents experience in assisted living at St. Anthony’s.


1. Personalized Support

Our trained staff members are always available to care for and support each resident’s unique needs, including activities of daily living (ADLs) and life enrichment programs. We will work together to determine the level of care you need, customizing this plan as needs change. Whatever your needs, from hygiene routines to dining and mobility needs, we’re dedicated to providing the best care.


2. Transportation Assistance

Moving into an assisted living facility doesn’t mean giving up the freedom to get out and explore! All assisted living residents at St. Anthony’s have access to transportation services for running errands or hitting the town for happy hour!

We believe life is better when we are together, so our activities team plans frequent group outings! Whether we’re indulging in some ice cream or a shopping spree at neighborhood shops, we’re constantly ensuring our residents have the opportunity to be surrounded by their community. 


3. Less Housework and Maintenance

Retirement is your chance to finally spend your days relaxing and doing what you love to do, so leave the chores to us! We’ll help maintain a clean and comfortable environment in your spacious apartment, plus take care of any maintenance needs your space may have. 

You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy our lush gardens. You don’t have to cook to enjoy our tasty meals. We make it our mission to sweat the small (and big) stuff so you can enjoy the best years of your life completely stress-free.


4. Decreased Financial Strain

While the idea of in-home care may seem appealing initially, the costs can add up! Not only is there a need to renovate your home to be functional for lifestyle changes, but you also may need to hire multiple specialized caregivers to meet your personal and medical needs.

When you become an assisted living resident at St. Anthony’s, it’s an all-inclusive experience! We have trained personal caregivers ready to help you with your ADLs, licensed nurses to see to your medical needs, top-tier chefs, housekeeping services, medication management services, and so much more! Everything is included in your housing plan, so you know exactly what to pay and when to pay it.


5. Spacious, but Downsized

Whether you or a loved one are transitioning from independent living or moving into a senior living community for the first time and saying goodbye to the family home, it may be difficult at first to sacrifice the familiar space you’ve grown accustomed to.

At St. Anthony’s, we offer two different floor plans for our assisted living residents, depending on your space and care needs. Each apartment has a kitchenette and a spacious bathroom designed with our residents’ safety and comfort in mind.


6. Meals and Nutrition

Nutrition is essential to taking care of yourself as an older adult. Our menus are always dietician-approved and can be prepared to accommodate specialized diet needs. Everything on the menu is nutritious, delicious, and prepared with you in mind!

To make meals even more beneficial, assisted living residents can enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner alongside their peers in our inviting neighborhood dining room (which has a beautiful 350-gallon fish tank, too!). And as you age and your dietary needs change, we can accommodate those. 


7. Built-in Community

When you have emotional support and close friendships, life is simply better. Social support directly impacts the quality of life for older adults in a very positive way. When you’re experiencing a stressful season or event, such as losing a loved one or even downsizing and moving into assisted living, having strong social support will ease the difficulty.

In assisted living, you will have more social interaction than just with your caregivers and nurses. Residents are also encouraged to participate in our thriving and varied social calendar, building relationships with their fellow residents and experiencing the life-giving joy of community right at their doorstep.


8. Spiritual Growth

As a faith-based senior living community that welcomes residents of all faith backgrounds, we recognize how important it is to have access to spiritual services and community wherever you are. We have Mass services every day in our on-site chapel, plus a weekly televised Mass for those who cannot make it to the chapel in person. To stay spiritually active during the week, we have Bible studies together, say the Rosary, and are always there to talk and pray with our residents. We believe spiritual growth can be joyful for everyone, so we provide resources for all our residents to strengthen their faith.


The Happiness You Desire with the Support You Need

Moving to assisted living means having the physical and medical care you need readily available and experiencing the happiness that comes from being part of a truly close-knit community. Your family members can rest easy knowing that you are well cared for and loved, surrounded by caregivers and peers who are excited to do life alongside you.

If it’s time for you or your loved one to consider assisted living in or near Kansas City, Missouri, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision about your future.