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A 2021 Guide to the Best Father’s Day Gifts for Grandparents in Retirement Communities

At least two times a year, in December and June, there’s one question that millions of Americans ask more often than we’d like to admit: “What do we get for dad?” That question has stumped children, siblings, and even wives for as long as Christmas and Father’s Day have been observed in this world. For some reason, dad is just a hard one to shop for. Why is that the case? Is it because he usually has everything he already “needs”? Is it because he’s a little older in life and content without anything he might “want?” No matter the answer to any of those questions, we can all agree that dads are worth celebrating. Nobody is perfect but so many of our dads try every day to make us feel known and loved. That’s why St. Anthony’s has put together a little list of the best father’s day gifts for the dads in your life. However, there’s a little twist—these gifts aren’t just geared towards dads, but also grandparents in retirement communities.

That’s right. Just because he’s grandad doesn’t mean he’s not dad to someone! In addition, we like to think if you have “grand” at the beginning of your nickname then you must be pretty good at what you do.

Here is the bottom line: Father’s Day 2021 is on Sunday, June 20th and your dad deserves a better gift than a cheap bottle of cologne that you bought at Target on the 19th. Procrastination is often the most difficult component of gift giving. Start planning ahead NOW whether any of the gifts below resonate or not! We want you to think about the face your dad or grandad will make after opening his gift from you. And then think about where you’ll give it to him. Retirement communities everywhere have dads who would love a visit from individuals like you. Time to start planning your June 20th.


STA List of Best Father’s Day Gifts

Like any good “Best Of” list, there was a little philosophy that went into this list. For instance, we at St. Anthony’s perused the internet for a perfect blend of reasonable cost, practicality, and usefulness in and around retirement communities. Between those three categories, we give each of the gifts below a score on a scale of 1-5.

We’ll start with number five on our list and work our way down. Ready? Got your dad’s face in mind? Now imagine it when he opens any of the following in just a few days!

  1. Digital Photo Frame

What, did you think we were going to start with knee-high socks?! Again, your dad deserves more than socks, ties, or cologne. Not that those things are bad. But let’s get creative this year! The first gift on our list is a digital photo frame, and we know for a FACT this gift is super popular in retirement communities across the country. Why? Because a digital photo frame ensures that grandad gets to see his favorite people everyday. And, if getting your dad or grandad an Alexa or Google Home is more than you think they’ll want or need, there are some great digital photo frames out there that solely display slideshows. Some of our favorite options also include a calendar and an alarm clock. Depending on its functionality, digital photo frames range from around $50 to $150. We think those around $50-$60 do the job just fine.

Price: $50-$150

STA Best Father’s Day Gift Score: 3.6


  1. GCI Outdoor Rocking Chair

We love all the gifts on this list, but this one ranked very high in regard to our “practicality” test because in the spring, summer, and fall our residents LOVE to sit outside. With this portable rocking chair option, dad can now sit anywhere he’d like to enjoy nature in peace and quiet. We like the GCI brand because it’s easy to fold up and light enough to haul around. However, we have found that the hinges can get a little squeaky at the bottom. But not to worry. Nothing a little WD-40 can’t fix—something grandad knows all too well 🙂

Price: $59

STA Best Father’s Day Gift Score: 4.1


  1. Kindle Paperwhite

And what will dad read in his awesome new rocking chair? How about an endless option of books on his new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite? If you think your dad is too old school for a tablet and wants to turn real pages, this is where the “Paperwhite” comes in. It truly feels like reading a real book! But instead of papercuts you simply click a button. As opposed to other phone or tablet options that include blue light which tire one’s vision, this option is great for older eyes. Although there might be a little bit to set up on the Kindle (Amazon account, adding new book titles, etc.) this will give you an excuse to go visit dad, on a regular basis, wherever he may be! One of the best parts of our job is seeing dad’s face light up when his kids come to visit.

Price: $129

STA Best Father’s Day Gift Score: 4.3


  1. StoryWorth

Number two on our list is gaining popularity across the country. And although there are many titles to download on a Kindle, nothing comes close to this personalized gift. The business and product is called StoryWorth and the goal is simple: record your dad’s (or mom’s) memories throughout the course of a year, and receive his answers at the end of the year in a beautifully-bound, keepsake book. Amazing, right?! And, it’s not as expensive as it may sound! StoryWorth is currently running a Father’s Day special for $10 off your purchase. Considering the discount, here is our numbers breakdown:

Price: $99 ($89 with the Father’s Day promo)

STA Best Father’s Day Gift Score: 4.7


  1. Time

A bit of a curveball! But the number one gift we have for you on this Father’s Day (and every Father’s Day) is your Time. Time is the one thing we can’t get back and it’s all really any dad wants: more time with his loved ones. When we were ranking our list, we couldn’t ignore how inexpensive it is to spend time with dad. It’s the most practical way to love him not just this Father’s Day but throughout the year. And retirement communities are only doing their job well if they make it a priority for you to spend time with dad anytime you can. For all those reasons, Time gets the top spot for our list of best father’s day gifts for dads and grandpas in retirement communities.

Price: $0

STA Best Father’s Day Gift Score: 5.0


So, what gifts did we miss?! We’d love any of your gift suggestions for dad! We are always looking for great ideas as Christmas will be here before we know it. In the meantime, snag one or multiple gifts above. Remember that face your dad will make when you give it to him? Ultimately, you can’t put a price on that smile. Who knows, there might even be a few tears involved.

No matter the reaction, we promise your extra effort will make June 20th, 2021 one of the best days ever. Besides, if your dad is as great a man as we think he is, we’re sure he already has a fine selection of cologne on hand.

St. Anthony’s has no affiliation with the products and brands listed above and receives no commission from sales – these are just some of our staff’s favorite gift ideas.