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Best Mother’s Day Gifts and Ideas in 2022: How to Love Your Mom Well in an Assisted Living Facility

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May 8th, 2022 . . . don’t forget this date! This is Mother’s Day, which is a wonderful opportunity to show your mother your appreciation for her. Think back to the times she cared for your what-seemed-to-be-huge scrapes as a child, walked you out to the bus on school days, cheered her heart out for you at a sporting event or a concert, helped prepare you for your first date as a teenager, made you a home-cooked meal after a long stretch of being away in college, shed tears with you on your wedding day, gave you life advice as you are now raising your own children, or showed you true faith-based character with grace and love. Whether it is these scenarios or many more, now is that time to give back, to reciprocate that love that your mom has shown you your whole life.

Sometimes this day approaches faster than many of us realize, and you may be scrambling to put together a nice gift for your mother. That’s why St. Anthony’s is here to help! We are not here only to tell you to set this reminder on your calendar, but also to offer gifts and ideas to celebrate the wonderful mothers in our assisted living facility.

An Assisted Living Facility Visit

There is no better way to show your mom love than just being with her and spending quality time together. In the aforementioned paragraph, we talked about giving back to your mom. She may have been with you through the thick and the thin throughout your life. She has now gone through perhaps one of the toughest aspects of parenting, and that is letting her once young child grow out of the house and pursue their own life of adulthood.

That being said, every moment together now counts and could mean the world to your mom. Presence goes beyond presents. Although, a bouquet of flowers is a nice touch if you would like to go above and beyond when you do visit. If you cannot see your mother in person, we have some other gift ideas for you!

Write Her a Kind Letter

We are not talking about only picking out a classic Hallmark card and signing your name below, there can be much more to this! Are you an artist? Do you have a friend or family member who is an artist? Get yourself or that person to draw one of your mother’s favorite things. You get extra points if you are able to have that drawing water-colored.

This idea does not stop there. Whether you have a customized drawing or a picked-out letter from the store, it’s the words that count the most. Take some time to reflect on the qualities you appreciate about your mother, the things she has taught you, the memories you have shared, and put your pen to the paper. A kind, long, well-thought-out note is something she can hold dearly to and revert back to when times may get tough. So get going on that letter and send it over to the assisted living facility!

Books or Ebooks

Is there a book you recently read or heard that had amazing reviews? Share the story and send it to your mom for Mother’s Day! We are naturally drawn to a good story or message, and a good book can result in great encouragement. If you have read the book as well, this can offer the chance to intentionally stay in touch with your mom and talk about the book together, sharing your favorite parts of it.

Is your mom tech-savvy? Even better, you can get her an Ebook subscription. This opens the door to many more options as well. Our St. Anthony’s assisted living facility has many areas to sit down with a warm cup of tea and turn the (real or digital) pages.

Extra Comfy Clothes

One thing you will find in our assisted living center is that our members will be wearing the comfiest clothes you can find! It is hard to run out of comfy clothing.

  • The softest pajamas on the planet.
  • The most luxurious robe on the market.
  • The warmest pair of gloves she’s owned.
  • The comfiest set of slippers she’ll have forever.

On the other side of the clothing spectrum, you can find some top-of-the-line comfortable workout clothing. We highly promote staying active in our assisted living facility as well. Each time she wears this clothing item, she can think of her loving child!

Ultimately, you may know your mother the best. Make sure you take an extended amount of time this year to think about the things that your mom loves the most. Is it quality time, meaningful words, thoughtful gifts, or all of the above? We trust your judgment! Your mother has loved you well your whole life, make sure to reciprocate that love this Mother’s Day!