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Beyond the Independent Living Community: Top 5 Vacation Spots to Travel with Your Loved Ones

Although Valentine’s Day 2022 is past us, that does not mean the adventures with a loved one stops! Change of scenery can be a breath of fresh air, quite literally at times, especially when warm weather rolls around the corner. St. Anthony’s provides wonderful resort-styled homes for our independent living community, which can be easy to stay around, but we highly emphasize active, healthy lifestyles, and a way to live this out is by exploring the world around us. 

Finding yourself in a new setting can be particularly therapeutic after long, cold months in the midwest winter. Trips with a loved one often result in unforgettable memories and much needed time away. Across the country, the trend of traveling is currently booming, so why not be a part of this epic adventure in 2022? 

With so many options and places to go, it may be overwhelming to think about where to start. So, here is a list of the top 5 vacation spots to travel beyond our independent living community. We will start with places that are doable drives from our Kansas City retirement community location and end with places where you may need to punch a ticket with an airline.

1. Branson, Missouri

There is a good reason as to why Big Cedar Lodge is considered “America’s Premier Wilderness Resort.” It’s a wonderful location in the Ozark Mountains that brings wildlife attractions and majestic views. Something as simple as hearing the birds chirping outside again can bring so much joy to the heart.

And we cannot forget the extensive list of activities this resort has to offer, some of which include swimming, golfing, fishing, spas, hiking, and more. If you are looking for a getaway where you and your loved one can have a wide variety of options, Big Cedar Lodge may be your spot.

2. Bentonville, Arkansas

Ever wonder how Walmart became so large and somewhere provides every convenience item you could ever think of? Well, the origin story can be discovered in Bentonville, Arkansas, home of Walmart headquarters. They have an impressive store over there, where you can purchase her flowers or purchase him a nice new flannel. Not only are there corporate offices and large stores, but there is also The Walmart Museum, where you can find Sam Walton’s office.

On the topic of museums, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is the top destination in Bentonville. This museum boasts a spectacular architectural design along with beautiful art throughout. You and your loved one can take the day to explore the museum, walk through the gardens, and grab lunch or dinner. Part of Crystal Bridges is also the Museum of Native American History, where you can learn what life was like for America’s first inhabitants. 

History is waiting to be learned in Bentonville, as there are many more museums in the area to explore.

3. Alaska

Alaska is one of the top destination spots for seniors. With tens of thousands of glaciers, unique wildlife, and some of the highest mountain peaks in America, there’s a good reason why this state brings in so many visitors. 

One of the best ways to capture these beauties is for you and a loved one to hop on a romantic cruise and experience true relaxation. There are plenty of cruise options specifically tailored to those coming from an independent living community. Many of the cruises depart from Seattle, Washington. Beyond cruises, there is also the Alaska Marine Highway System and the Alaska Railroad Corporation.

4. Florida

If warm weather and beaches are your thing, Florida is the perfect place for you and your loved one. Soaking up Vitamin D could be much needed after a winter with little sunlight. Places like Miami, Florida have a large amount to offer to retirees, with beachfront resorts, museums, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

Picture it now; walking down a stretch of white sand on the shoreline, refreshing water washing up on your feet, warm sunshine beaming on your face, all while walking beside your loved one and having a nice conversation. I think we all could use that scenario right about now!

5. Williamsburg, Virginia

If you consider yourself to be a history buff, then you may want to consider giving Williamsburg, Virginia a visit. Here you can immerse yourself in an experience from the past, staying in colonial houses, visiting the saddle maker and the blacksmith, and meeting historical characters like the Founding Fathers. It is one thing to read through these historical accounts in a textbook, it is a whole new way to learn by reliving the experience in person.

Along with historical reenactments, there are plenty of museums, shops, and golfing spots in the area. To add the icing on the cake, plenty of senior citizen discounts are available throughout the area.

So, whether you want to drive or fly, be active or relax, learn important history or experience God’s beautiful creation, the opportunities are out there beyond your independent living community. You and your loved one can combat the chills of winter and the dullness of cabin fever by planning a trip to one of these top vacation destinations.