St. Anthony's Senior Living

Choosing Your Senior Living Lifestyle

A group of senior citizens enjoy a game of cards as part of their lifestyle.

Your care needs may change as you age, but your need for a fulfilling life of mental, physical, and emotional inspiration shouldn’t. Everyone desires and deserves a good quality of life — no matter the age or life stage. So once you determine it’s time for you or a loved one to consider senior living, how do you find the right lifestyle to meet the needs of aging, as well as these quality-of-life needs?

Explore St. Anthony’s three types of senior living styles and how to choose the best fit.


Choosing the Right Senior Living Lifestyle

At St. Anthony’s, we offer three different senior living options with varying levels of care and support. Each style is uniquely customizable to the needs and preferences of each senior who joins our thriving community. Although these options vary largely by specific care needs, each one makes resident satisfaction and happiness a top priority with a holistic approach to senior wellness.

Before you compare your senior living options, ask yourself the following questions to determine what your goals and needs are:

  • Am I able to safely live independently? 
  • Do I want to keep up with my active lifestyle? Am I physically able to? And if so, how long can I maintain this lifestyle?
  • Could I benefit from help with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing or mobility?
  • Have I had a series of falls or frequent hospitalizations recently? Or are there spaces in my home where I might have felt unsteady in the past?
  • How often do I find myself forgetting to eat, drink, or take my medications?
  • Am I feeling a little more lonely and in need of community?
  • Have I been diagnosed with a memory loss disease, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia?


An Independent Living Lifestyle

You may not have any special care or support needs, but that doesn’t mean senior living won’t improve your quality of life! Independent living residents at St. Anthony’s enjoy luxurious apartments with full kitchens and spacious bathrooms right within a gorgeous gated community. Every independent living resident has access to our thriving social calendar, so they can stay busy with their peers.

In St. Anthony’s Independent Living, seniors can continue living the same active lifestyle they’ve loved for years with the added benefit of housekeeping support, a continental breakfast and chef-prepared meals, and a beautiful campus packed with services and amenities.


An Assisted Living Lifestyle

When care needs change and you require more support to continue enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle, we are prepared to make the transition from independent living to assisted living as seamless as possible. Our team understands that every person is unique, which is why our highly trained staff assesses each resident and works closely with residents and families to determine the level of care needed. From there, we are able to create a custom, individualized plan to afford as much autonomy as possible.

Assisted living residents have all of their meals provided from dietician-approved menus to keep their bodies strong and healthy (and meal times pleasant and delicious). In addition, they are provided with kitchenettes in their spacious apartments to enjoy private dining. With a life enrichment calendar designed just for them, our assisted living community members enjoy activities from fitness classes and spiritual services to arts and crafts and happy hour. Plus, we’re happy to provide transportation to the nearby Brookside neighborhood for those residents who prefer getting out on the town!


A Memory Care Lifestyle

Every senior deserves to experience the care and safety of a loving community. Our approach to memory care at St. Anthony’s is designed intentionally to be equal parts holistic and heartfelt with a person-focused approach that allows caregivers to build real relationships with residents.

Your quality of life does not have to decrease just because you need a little more care and guidance than seniors living independently! With a community of peers to enjoy daily life with and a supportive staff that truly sees you as family, you’ll love every day at St. Anthony’s. 

Whether trying your hand at a puzzle, joining the crew for an off-campus lunch, or building muscle during chair exercise, our amenities and activities are designed for memory care residents to thrive. With the flexibility of our loose structure, Memory Care seniors are part of the conversation as they decide how they want to engage physically, spiritually, and cognitively each day.

If you recently received a diagnosis or have a family member who needs constant care and supervision, we are ready to support your journey through retirement. Memory Care may not be necessary yet, but we can help guide the transition if the time comes. 


Senior Living means a Better Quality of Life

Defining what a good quality of life looks like is different for every person at every age. That’s why we make it our mission to listen to our residents and provide them with as much autonomy as possible. You are more than just a person living in a St. Anthony’s apartment — You truly are part of the family, and we are a family that takes care of each other and supports each other however we can.

We are so excited to meet you and welcome you home. Contact us to schedule a tour today!