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Enjoying Exercise at St. Anthony’s: Fitness Centers & More

At any age, our physical well-being is an essential aspect of our overall health and wellness. At St. Anthony’s Senior Living, we understand that physical activity is a big part of the picture. That’s why we’re pleased to offer numerous exercise options for our residents, including our well-equipped fitness center.

Why are we so interested in exercise, and how can this benefit our residents at St. Anthony’s? Keep reading to find out.

Why We Focus on Fitness

A well-rounded fitness program can offer many benefits for seniors. In fact, the CDC reports that all older adults can benefit from regular, moderate physical activity. 

Here are several reasons why we focus on fitness at St. Anthony’s.

Physical health: Exercise can help keep illness and injury at bay. It can also improve everyday life activities and boost all areas of wellness. Physical activity can help maintain strength while aging as well.

Social enjoyment: Working out in a group environment is a key opportunity for socialization. As seniors come together with others in the community, the challenges of isolation are decreased, and meaningful relationships can be built. 

Emotional wellbeing: Fitness and mental health are closely tied. With a regular fitness program or routine, you can reduce stress and improve your wellbeing. Studies show that exercise can ease anxiety and increase relaxation. Better yet, this mood-boosting lasts as we age, so seniors can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

 Brain health: Stimulating the brain is important to continued health, and exercise is one powerful strategy to do this. One study found that active seniors have more special proteins in their brain that enhance connections between neurons, thus helping them maintain healthy cognition!

Independent strength: The healthier and stronger your body is, the more independent you can be. Additionally, exercise can improve balance and reduce the risk of falls which could decrease independence. One study showed that women aged 65 or older who participated in a fitness program for 18 months appeared to have denser bones and a reduced risk of falls. With the ability to carry out daily life tasks, seniors can keep enjoying their lives without assistance.

While there are many benefits to exercise, there are also risks to going without. Research shows that inactivity heightens the risk for chronic disease. Participating in fitness programs can lower these risks and the risks of other challenges, like depression, as well. 

The benefits of staying active are huge, especially when you look at aging. Research shows that physical activity is associated with a decreased risk or slower progression of some age-related conditions, in addition to improving health overall. Fortunately, exercise has been linked to reduced risk of arthritis, falls and fractures, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity as well. All of these conditions can impact a senior’s ability to be independent and complete daily tasks.

It’s clear that physical fitness has many benefits. So what are we doing about it at St. Anthony’s?

Fitness Fun at St. Anthony’s

Residents at St. Anthony’s can enjoy physical fitness at the fully-equipped St. Thomas More Wellness Center. Our wellness center is just one of the many amenities our residents enjoy. We offer numerous fitness classes, from low to medium intensity. One day you may enjoy an Empower Me exercise class and the next day simply join a Walk and Chat group. Whether you’re interested in Sit N Be Fit, chair exercise, or another activity, join in with our residents in the many fun fitness opportunities at St. Anthony’s.

Here’s what fitness looks like at St. Anthony’s: 

Varied exercise options: We offer a range of fitness classes so residents can choose what workout is best for their individual health. Accessibility is a big part of our fitness programs.

Community interaction: Everyone can enjoy the benefits of exercise at St. Anthony’s. If you’re new to our community, our staff will be happy to help you find a class that’s right for you. During fitness classes, you’ll meet like-minded seniors and become stronger together. Plus, it’s scientifically proven that seniors who work out together, are more likely to stay committed to the fitness program.  

Family involvement: Residents can invite family to join a walk and chat and enjoy exercise together. Getting physically active together can build relationships and good health at the same time!

Just take a look at our activities calendar and you’ll see the fun fitness classes we offer at St. Anthony’s. With exercise in mind, you can improve your overall health and enjoy each year.

 At our senior living community, you’ll find the resources and support you need to uplift your wellbeing from the physical to the mental and spiritual. Learn more about the exciting amenities we have available at St. Anthony’s and get ready to enjoy an independent life, surrounded by community.