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Faith-Based Senior Living and Easter at St. Anthony’s

At St. Anthony’s, our goal is to enrich our residents’ lives holistically, including spiritual wellness. As a faith-based community, Christian holidays, like Easter, are some of our favorite times to enjoy life together as we take advantage of opportunities to celebrate!


Spirituality, religious practices, and beliefs can be very special parts of everyday life for seniors, providing a source of strength, comfort, identity, and hope, as well as a sense of belonging and connection. Let’s see what faith-based senior living can offer, and how we celebrate Easter at St. Anthony’s.




Why Faith-Based Senior Living is Important

How can faith-based senior living make a difference in the lives of residents? Even for those seniors who are not religious, faith-based senior living still offers many advantages from a wellness perspective. Here at St. Anthony’s, our spirituality influences our approach to those around us and provides residents with a sense of purpose and meaning. Here are just a few ways faith-based senior living fosters connection and greater well-being for our residents:



Connection with Others

Relationships are a crucial part of building community and finding belonging. And faith can play a big role in bringing people together.


The ability to continue practicing their faith helps our residents feel more comfortable leaving their apartments and interacting with others. Whether it’s through Mass, Bible study, or even joining in on the happy hour following each service, the structure of our religious services encourages connection with other residents and staff in a profoundly impactful setting. 



Connection with Self

Faith is deeply personal and can be very precious to seniors who have spent time in the church. Did you know? Practicing religion can help slow cognitive decline. Many memory care patients have greater memory retention when they hear certain hymns or prayers. And many seniors find a sense of meaning, joy, and peace through Bible studies and devotionals. Faith-based senior living enhances nostalgia and memory retention for our residents, helping bring back memories and find peace in the Lord’s presence.



Connection with God

Feeling connected to something greater than ourselves gives life deep meaning and purpose. By emphasizing a faith-based approach to senior living, residents of St. Anthony’s are not just permitted but encouraged to continue pursuing their faith in a safe, supportive environment.




Honoring Easter Traditions

Just because your loved one is in a senior living community now doesn’t mean your Easter traditions with them must come to an end! Each family celebrates the holiday a little differently, and some may not celebrate with religious intent. Beyond the faith-based aspect, Easter is a time for family and loved ones to be together, and we invite you to continue bonding with your family members in senior living during this spring season.


Here are a few ideas for keeping your Easter traditions alive when you or a loved one move to a senior living community:


  • Bring a hymnal and sing your favorite Easter hymns as a family
  • Do a fun Easter-themed craft together (or join us for one of ours!)
  • Plan an Easter egg hunt in your loved ones’ apartment (make sure you find every egg so you don’t leave behind fall hazards)
  • Create an Easter basket with some of your loved ones’ favorite snacks and treats, plus an on-theme book or movie
  • Cook your traditional Easter dinner and share it as a family at your loved ones’ apartment
  • If you live far away from your loved one in senior living, send them a care package with fun Easter craft supplies and yummy treats 


Curious about how we celebrate Christ’s resurrection at St. Anthony’s? Join us for one of our Easter-themed events or Easter Mass at our on-site chapel! We love when families join us, and Easter is one of the best times to get to know the senior living community your loved one now calls home.




Easter at St. Anthony’s

Curious about what we have going on for Easter 2023? Here’s a quick breakdown of all the egg-citing things we’re up to:

  • Spring Open House is on Saturday, April 15, and is the perfect time to explore St. Anthony’s and decide if this is the right home for you or your loved one. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome the spring season together!
  • If you like Easter-themed events, hop over to St. Anthony’s to meet the Easter Bunny on Thursday, April 6 from 4 – 5 pm, as the bunny will be making an appearance in our Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Independent Living locations!
  • Check out our Easter Brunch on Sunday starting at 10:30! Each of our residents may be accompanied by two guests, and reservations need to be made through the Dining Room. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter at St. Anthony’s without our Easter Mass. If you want to experience the heart of faith-based senior living, you’ll find what you’re looking for at St. Anthony’s Chapel. Our priests are amongst the most loving, caring, and kind people, and their love for our residents knows no bounds! The Easter Mass service is always a special time, going so much deeper than Daily Mass and full of so much joy and celebration. 


If you have any questions or just can’t wait until the Open House to explore St. Anthony’s, give us a call to schedule a tour any time! We’re excited to welcome you or your loved one to the St. Anthony’s family.