St. Anthony's Senior Living

How Seniors at St. Anthony’s Remain Active in the Community

Kansas City is a great place to retire, and not only because it’s home to St. Anthony’s Senior Living! The City of Fountains has many senior-friendly activities throughout the year, and a thriving multigenerational community too!

Especially since we are located right in the very heart of Kansas City, it’s ideal for residents of St. Anthony’s to stay active and engaged with the community. And connecting with our neighbors doesn’t take very much convincing! Both on and off our beautiful campus in the coveted Brookside neighborhood, seniors love building relationships with the people who are proud to call the Heart of America home.


Why It’s Important for Seniors to Remain Active in Their Local Communities

It’s no surprise that social engagement benefits the overall health of older adults, especially considering how easy it can be for seniors with physical or mental limitations to become isolated and lonely. While we combat this every day with an exciting and full calendar of senior living activities within the St. Anthony’s community, it’s also essential for seniors to experience community outside of our facility.

Spending time in the greater Kansas City community can help seniors feel a sense of connection, belonging, and purpose beyond themselves. Especially if they’ve lived in the area long before coming to St. Anthony’s, it’s a way to stay connected with their roots and the things they’ve always loved doing, which is especially helpful for memory retention! Seniors who spend time out and about, especially when volunteering and giving back to the local community, have reported decreased feelings of isolation and depression, better companionship, and improved health.

And when seniors stay involved in their neighborhood, there is a positive ripple effect. Seniors have so much life experience and wisdom to share, which makes them an inspiring example for younger generations. Intergenerational friendships are valuable for everyone involved, whether it’s an independent living resident mentoring a young adult or a memory care resident sharing stories from their rich and dynamic life.


Bringing the Community to St. Anthony’s

It’s not always easy for senior living residents to get off campus, especially if they have physical limitations or are experiencing memory loss. So we bring the community to you! St. Anthony’s partners with local organizations and talent for entertainment and fellowship.

One of our residents’ favorite community activities is when the St. Peter’s Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts come caroling around the holidays. It’s a special time for our residents to celebrate the season and enjoy connecting with younger generations!

Beyond these special events at St. Anthony’s, we are always eager to welcome family and friends to come to visit and eat with their loved ones in the dining hall. We also encourage community building for our residents by getting active at the St. Thomas More Wellness Center or joining in on our exciting senior living activities. These events also make the transition into senior living easier for you and your loved one.


Staying Social in Kansas City

Independent living residents enjoy living more autonomously — including shopping at their favorite stores, dining at their favorite restaurants, attending their local church (or joining us at our worship services at St. Anthony’s), and socializing with friends. And for those residents who aren’t as familiar with Kansas City, we plan group shopping trips to local favorites like CVS and Price Chopper to help them learn the ropes.

Residents in assisted living and memory care aren’t always as eager to get out on their own, so we provide plenty of opportunities to engage with the local community both on and off campus! For heading out on the town, we’ll take an occasional shopping trip and splurge on a treat at Baskin Robbins. But our favorite senior living activities out in the community are the special events, like the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade!


Join Us on St. Patty’s Day!

Every year, our residents look forward to experiencing the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Brookside Parade! It’s a great time for our residents to interact with neighbors by tossing candy and watching the floats! We would love to see you there, so grab your spot on the curb along Broadway or Brookside Boulevard! 

And for those of you who are looking for a thriving senior living community at the center of your favorite city, contact us to schedule a tour of St. Anthony’s!