St. Anthony's Senior Living

How to Support Aging Family Members in Assisted Living

Assisted living can offer safety and peace of mind for those in care, and their families as well. At St. Anthony’s, we’re proud to care for our wonderful residents. Easing the transition into assisted living may feel like a rocky road at first, but our staff is here to smooth the path.

Our residents in assisted living experience an active lifestyle with the support they might need for activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, and personal care. Putting these tasks in the hands of compassionate, dedicated assisted living professionals can lift a tremendous weight for our residents and their families.

Assisted living comes with many rewards for residents and their families. Removing the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of medication management, transportation arrangement, housekeeping, cooking, and home maintenance can provide a huge sigh of relief. Not to mention, our professional staff helps residents perform daily tasks with dignity and respect. Plus, there’s peace of mind. No risk of slipping on the ice while shoveling snow at St. Anthony’s!

What else can you do to support your family members in assisted living? Keep reading to find out how you can partner with St. Anthony’s to create a wonderful environment for your loved ones.

Help Craft Unique Care

We are all wonderfully unique — and so is the care we need to flourish. The level of care that each of our residents requires varies greatly. You can help your loved ones in assisted living by communicating what kind of care they need. Our experienced team will always be there along the way to assist and advise as needs surface and change.

In addition to the level of care, you can help our team members know and understand who your loved ones are. What are their interests? What lights them up? We want to know!

You can help your loved ones find things they enjoy in assisted living. We are excited to offer endless activities to meet our residents’ active lifestyles. Here, seniors enjoy fitness, art, and cooking classes. They may also take part in the community garden or take a break with a lovely massage. Many enjoy our daily mass services. Our resident events are a big hit. Just imagine the pleasure of a rose garden outing and picnic at Kansas City’s stunning Loose Park or Pokino and Popcorn. The competitive residents among us love Monopoly Monday, bingo, or cornhole tournaments.

There is something for everyone at St. Anthony’s. As you share your loved one’s interests and encourage them to take part, our home will feel more like their home.

Uncover Care Coordination

Managing all of our residents’ needs is a top priority at St. Anthony’s. Your loved one may be working with a number of care providers, getting all this information will help us ensure your family is well taken care of, from the medical side and beyond.

You can help your family member get seamless care coordination in assisted living by looking into each of their needs. This may include:

  • Appointments with outside health care providers, such as primary care physicians, podiatrists, cardiologists, and dentists.
  • In-home care for those healing from illnesses or injuries
  • Transportation needed to medical appointments
  • Regular medication and diagnosis support
  • Rehabilitation services, including physical, occupational, or speech therapy

To get started, it may be helpful to review previous appointments on the calendar. What doctors is your family member seeing? What medications are they taking? Knowing these things will help us provide the best care possible to your loved one in assisted living.

Breathe Easy with Peace of Mind

As beloved family members age, a sense of safety and peace of mind can be difficult to find, at times. St. Anthony’s offers a safe, gated community where your loved ones can thrive. As a family member, you can share this sense of peace and comfort with your loved ones so they know and understand their new home is a safe one.

Your loved one will be surrounded by highly-trained healthcare staff 24/7. St. Anthony’s has safety protocols in place to ensure each and every resident is cared for and protected.

For a sense of spiritual peace, our assisted living residents enjoy access to the chapel, Daily Mass, Pastoral Sacraments, and non-denominational services. With an assigned priest available to comfort residents and visiting sisters, St. Anthony’s residents can seek spiritual peace at a moment’s notice.

Stay Connected

Family members can stay close to loved ones in assisted living with the help of technology or old-fashioned mail. When being physically present isn’t possible, loving messages can provide uplifting. If your family member enjoys technology, send regular texts with photos or videos. If not, consider a care package or letter full of favorite memories and printed photos.

You are also welcome to come enjoy a delicious meal at our best-in-class dining options. See the garden here for yourself. Take part in what your loved one is interested in. We’re here for you and your loved one. As we assist with the care of your loved one at St. Anthony’s, they’ll always look to you with love.

Our compassionate team is here to partner with you in the care of your family members. Have a question? Feel free to reach out! Learn more about assisted living at St. Anthony’s.