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Memory Care at St. Anthony’s: The Resident Experience

When seeking memory care in Kansas City for your aging parents or another loved one, understanding the resident experience at each senior living facility will help you determine the right fit for that important person in your life.


Life is a journey, and here at St. Anthony’s, we ensure that journey continues in a safe, beautiful way. Let’s explore the resident experience in Memory Care at St. Anthony’s, from physiological needs to love, purpose, and belonging.




What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a type of senior living experience specially designed to care for older adults with an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis. Typically, the diagnosis has progressed to the point of severity where they cannot safely care for themselves independently. Some seniors with a memory loss illness can continue in independent living or assisted living before needing additional care. But memory care is often necessary when it is no longer safe for them to perform daily tasks on their own.


Many residents of St. Anthony’s begin their journey with us in assisted living or independent living, especially if they have received an early diagnosis of a memory loss illness but don’t need a high level of care right away. Our team makes it seamless for residents to transition from one senior living style to another. Living in our community through all stages of care makes things more comfortable and familiar as memory loss progresses, maintaining familiarity during a challenging time.





Faith at the Center

Our faith-based approach to senior living is the foundation of everything we do. Our mission statement is the guiding force behind every decision we make and how we care for each resident that joins our Kansas City family. Our mission is to enrich the lives of those who have pioneered our past with a servant’s heart. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we ensure residents live an active lifestyle with purpose and peace of mind.


We value serving our St. Anthony’s family through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and this core foundation shapes all of our key signatures to memory care.






Our Key Signatures and Resident Experience

Our approach to memory care at St. Anthony’s enhances the resident experience through six key signatures, making us so much more than just another memory care facility in Kansas City. Here is how each of our key memory care signatures cultivates a thriving community and enjoyable resident experience:




1. Wellness for a Joy-filled Quality of Life

When wellness is treated as an essential part of everyday life, seniors experiencing memory loss have seen increased memory retention and reduced memory loss overall. This alone enhances the senior living experience for our memory care residents, but we go beyond simply checking wellness boxes by incorporating activities that our residents enjoy! Every activity and environment our memory care residents experience emphasizes emotional, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, mental, or physical wellness — and in most cases, it emphasizes more than one of these wellness essentials!





2. Dining to Light Up the Five Senses

Our memory care residents love experiencing family-style dining that encourages autonomy through easy-to-manage finger foods and a colorful variety of foods to meet varying taste preferences and dietary needs. We turn mealtime into an opportunity for joy and memory stimulation. 


But dining isn’t always easy for people experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s, so our team offers ultimate flexibility. Our staff often eats alongside our Memory Care residents to assist, support, and offer camaraderie. If a typical meal isn’t a good fit from a digestion or nutrition perspective, we’ll share meals in different ways, like various foods throughout the day. Our goal is whatever our residents need to stay healthy: we’re here to support!





3. Defining a Life of Dignity with Personalized Care

Our approach to memory care here in Kansas City focuses first and foremost on each resident. Your loved one has lived an incredible life and has such a unique personality. While their memory may be fading, they remain the wonderful person you know and love.


Surrounding residents with nostalgic decor and comforting, familiar items is important to aiding memory retention. We go even further toward personalizing the experiences of our memory care residents. Rather than making memory care residents conform to rigid schedules and routines, we work with each individual person every day to adapt to their unique needs.





4. A Highly Trained Team That Truly Cares

We are passionate about honoring the legacies of our residents and getting to know their unique personalities and interests. Each resident is known and loved personally by our memory care staff, all of whom are certified dementia practitioners. Your loved one’s caregiver takes the time to get to know all about them, making it easier for our staff to love and care for them on the good and hard days.





5. Enriching the Lives of Our Residents

Life enrichment pairs perfectly with our holistic wellness approach. Our residents enjoy happier, fulfilling lives when we provide activities that care for their wellness and are fun and stimulating. Each month, we put together a whole new activities calendar for our residents to enjoy according to their preferences and needs each day. While we follow some basic routines and popular activities to keep things familiar and comfortable, we keep the schedule flexible and adaptable to the individual residents and the entire memory care community.





6. Cultivating Family Bonds

At St. Anthony’s, we recognize and celebrate the importance of a family bond. We encourage and strive to make family relationships stay strong and grow throughout your loved one’s time at St. Anthony’s! To that end, we work with families to design shadow boxes for each Memory Care resident, capturing mementos and items that are special to their story. We take the time to learn about each person’s background, so we can provide care unique to them. We partner with the families of our residents to better serve both our residents and their families, easing the transition into senior care and helping your loved one stay connected with their roots.






Experience the Community Our Residents Love

We are so much more than just another memory care provider in Kansas City. St. Anthony’s is a community of staff and residents who care deeply for each other, and we are honored to serve! Give us a call to learn more and schedule a tour today.