St. Anthony's Senior Living

Memory Care: Our Distinctives

An orderly and senior citizen enjoy a memory care session.

At St. Anthony’s, our mission is to provide compassionate care down to the details. This value is at the foundation of our approach to Memory Care, where we focus on honoring and caring for your loved one as we would our own family.

Explore the six distinctives that make Memory Care at St. Anthony’s unique, and how our compassionate care comes to life for our residents.


1. Team Development

Prioritizing our residents in Memory Care means investing in the staff members who lovingly care for them each day. Our team ensures our senior living community offers a comfortable, safe home for your loved one, honoring the great legacies of each individual. This is why team development is one of our essential key signatures for Memory Care!

All of the staff members at St. Anthony’s go through intensive training, preparing them to meet the needs of residents with significant memory loss conditions like Alzheimer’s. In fact, our goal is to have every single staff member at St. Anthony’s, including those outside of the Memory Care facility, certified as a dementia practitioner, so you can rest easy knowing your loved one is seen, heard, and valued no matter who is caring for them.


2. Family Partnerships

To cultivate an environment where those with memory loss can receive the best support, we invite families of our Memory Care residents to be intimately involved with caring for their loved ones.

Of course, a diagnosis like dementia or Alzheimer’s can feel overwhelming for loved ones, and so we want to offer you a community to ensure you’re not alone. We call this key signature a family partnership because we come alongside you to discover the best ways to help both you and your loved one take on this new journey and all the emotions that come with it.


3. Life Enrichment

Everyone deserves to live a life they truly love, regardless of age, circumstance, or physical and mental ability. We see life enrichment as more than just activities and games — although our events calendar is packed with plenty of those! — but really as a flexible path. We help individually guide Memory Care residents through each day with a person-first mentality.

A regimented schedule may not always be practical for people diagnosed with dementia. They need understanding companions who can help identify what activities and schedules will suit each resident on their best days, as well as their most difficult, aiding seniors in making their own decisions as much as possible. With activities curated for the mind, body, and spirit, there is always something for our residents to enjoy!


4. Personalized, Supportive Environment

Memory Care at St. Anthony’s is person-centered care. Every individual is unique and has their own personality, preferences, and needs. What works for one resident may not be realistic or enjoyable for another. Through our personalized, supportive environment, residents and their families will find a curated experience like no other!

We see your loved one as the wonderful person they have always been, and we love to hear their stories and help them retain their most precious memories! We do this through intentional activities, like shadow boxes with personal mementos and engaging them in conversation. This is what happens when you have a staff that genuinely cares for their residents — Real relationships, real connections, and real family!


5. Dining Experience

Meals in Memory Care are about so much more than physical health and getting the needed vitamins, nutrients, and calories to stay healthy and strong. Through a family-style dining experience that activates all five senses, we invite our residents to connect with each other and with the staff, in a close-knit community as they practice this familiar routine three times each day.

Eating changes may occur as memory loss progresses. Our caregivers recognize when it occurs and know how to best support your loved one with delightful, personalized meals that are manageable for their needs. Sometimes this might mean more finger food options, or paying attention to nutrition with a fluctuating appetite.


6. Wellness

Our final key signature is wellness, and each activity is woven throughout the entire Memory Care experience. Helping our Memory Care residents to live well means overseeing their holistic well-being, beyond their basic physical needs. Through our Memory Care programs, we focus on emotional, intellectual, occupational, mental, spiritual, and physical wellness to enhance their quality of life.

Our wellness activities are created with your loved one’s safety and comfort in mind, even down to details like the arrangement of their furniture and night lights. Our caregivers document the unique preferences, interests, and habits of your loved one, getting to know who they are intimately so they can cultivate a more joy-filled life for each resident.


Every Resident Matters

Parents care for their children as they grow up, watching them take their first steps, helping them learn and eat healthy meals, and investing in the things they love. Now, the roles may shift as your parent becomes the one in need of attentive care, and they deserve the same all-encompassing care and love they shared with you all these years.

We know each person who joins the St. Anthony’s family is unique and deserves caregivers who take the time to discover who they are — and that is exactly what we offer at St. Anthony’s. Memory Care is more than just a safe place for your loved one. It’s a community that already loves them and a family who cannot wait to welcome them home.

If your loved one is ready to start the conversation about senior living, contact us to schedule a tour.