Spring Into Action: Things to Do in Kansas City with an Independent Living Mindset

Spring Into Action: Things to Do in Kansas City with an Independent Living Mindset


Posted: April 18, 2022

Let’s get this common phrase out of the way right up front, “April showers bring May flowers”. It’s a saying that has stood the test of time and stands true for most Midwesterners. Anyone who has ever lived in Kansas City knows that March through May is quite the weather rollercoaster. It could be snowing one day, 70-degrees the next, and a rainstorm a couple of days later. However, it’s that “May flowers” part that keeps us going year after year because we know that a beautiful spring is just on the other side of interesting weather patterns. In other words, springtime is for “dead things to come to life” and who doesn’t love that seasonal reality?! At St. Anthony’s, we love opening our doors and airing out windows because our residents experience new life and independent living is on full display. All of which brings us to some wonderful things to do in Kansas City this spring.

“Paris of the Plains” is how some will refer to Kansas City, and why shouldn’t they?! We have the fountains, quaint coffee shops/bakeries, and beautiful architecture to boot. Sure, France has a couple of thousands of years worth of history to fall back on, but we have the world’s best barbecue! You take your pick.

Beyond the barbecue, Kansas City has a plethora of options for those in an independent living center—check out some of the options below and why spring is one of the best times to experience this midwest metropolis.


Before we get to some outdoor-related things to do in Kansas City, it’s worth noting the culture we foster at St. Anthony’s surrounding the importance of family. Family plays a huge role here in one of two ways:

1. Internal. Within our beautiful Brookside property, we’re family! Independent living, alongside one another, is all about experiencing freedom in the context of community. Our residents are encouraged to enjoy life on their terms, while understanding support staff is here to help them as necessary. It’s how we think families should act! Never imposing, but always on call.

2. External. Yet with that said, we know this St. Anthony’s family will never substitute for one’s immediate family. Therefore, we have an open-door policy for family members coming to visit their loved ones at St. Anthony’s. Those individuals can just pop by to spend quality time, drop off a gift, OR pick them up for a day/night on the town. This leads us to where they might visit!

Sometimes, the “free” answer is the easy answer. Kansas City has so many fun places to visit for free, and many of them are outdoors—perfect for springtime! We’ve mentioned Loose Park a number of times on our blog because it’s conveniently located next to St. Anthony’s. But there is also the beautiful Brookside neighborhood which is fun to walk around, and you can get there by taking the Trolley Trail! (A stretch of the walkable path right outside our property).

And if you’re feeling adventuresome, there are plenty of other parks in Kansas City to visit—here are a few of our favorites!

  • Penn Valley Park | Kansas City, MO
  • Swope Park | Kansas City, MO
  • Meadowbrook Park | Prairie Village, KS
  • Antioch Park | Merriam, KS
  • Shawnee Mission Park | Shawnee, KS
  • Overland Park Arboretum | Overland Park, KS


Of course, you cannot go wrong with an outdoor picnic at any of those park locations. Lucky for our independent living residents and their families, St. Anthony’s is just down the road from a wonderful Whole Foods location that offers fresh food and options tailor-made for a perfect picnic experience.

Should you forego the blanket and park setting, don’t worry . . . Kansas City has plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating options. Again, some of our go-to options are below!

  • Outdoor Patio at Aixois | Kansas City, MO
  • Outdoor Patio at Graham & Dunn | Kansas City, MO
  • Outdoor Patio at Brookside Barrio | Kansas City, MO
  • Outdoor Patio at Plate KC | Kansas City, MO
  • Outdoor Patio at Cafe Provence | Prairie Village, KS
  • Outdoor Patio at Slaps BBQ | Kansas City, KS
    Alright, so we had to get at least one barbecue restaurant in there. Point is, there are many great options to choose from when it comes to eating in the spring outdoors. Independent living is only as good as how someone is experiencing communal dining. Yet what’s dinner without a fun activity afterward? Luckily, KC has your family covered there as well!


Ideally, an after-meal includes a little walking to burn off a few calories from a delicious dinner. It’s not required, but encouraged! Keep it moving with a few options around town to partake in Kansas City’s wonderful arts and music scene. Or, consider any of the following activities that offer as much entertainment value as they offer opportunities to make memories with family.

      • Nelson Atkins Museum | Kansas City, MO
      • Starlight Theater | Kansas City, MO
      • Crossroads Arts District | Kansas City, MO
      • Liberty Memorial & World War I Museum | Kansas City, MO
      • Negro Leagues Baseball Museum | Kansas City, MO
      • Kansas City Jazz Museum | Kansas City, MO
      • Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts | Kansas City, MO
      • City Market (Because food is art, too!) | Kansas City, MO
        We mentioned all of those options for a reason as they pair perfectly with spring! So, with “memory making” in mind, start planning out your trip with family/friends today. We prioritize independent living at St. Anthony’s because we know that this season of life can be such a joy for our residents, and it’s a season best experienced independently. However, there is a lot to be said for a supportive community—a community that can look at a rainy day, and know that brighter and better days are just on the horizon.
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