St. Anthony's Senior Living

Types of Care in Senior Living

From highly independent seniors to those in need of around-the-clock, attentive care, every person deserves a life full of community, happiness, and dignity. That is why we offer a variety of living options at St. Anthony’s, to help you or your loved one transition to a senior living experience ideal for unique needs.

Our community offers a home-like setting that promotes every resident’s well-being. Each of our senior living options is completely customized to individual needs and crafted with our resident’s desires in mind.

There are many types of care in senior living, and it’s important to understand the different options as you move forward. Wondering which option is best for you or your loved one? Look no further. Here’s a complete breakdown of the types of care in senior living, and what each type looks like at St. Anthony’s.

Independent Living

Moving into a senior living community does not mean sacrificing your autonomy. When people move into independent living, they enjoy the same busy lifestyle as they did before moving in — but without the stress of maintaining a home! In independent living, residents enjoy their hard-earned retirement in peace and comfort, with the challenges of home maintenance behind them. And while many residents remain in an independent living setting for many years, it’s nice to know that the shift into assisted living or memory care will be easy.

Independent Living at St. Anthony’s

With spacious floor plans and an amenity-rich community, St. Anthony’s residents are never bored. Enjoy our on-site fitness center, salon, games and activities, community garden and so much more. For more active residents, St. Anthony’s is conveniently located near some of Kansas City’s finest restaurants and shops. The coveted Brookside neighborhood offers delightful dining, shopping, and entertainment, and we’re just minutes south of the Country Club Plaza and minutes east of Mission Hills, Prairie Village, and other enjoyable Kansas City suburbs.

With several unique floor plans, individual temperature control, and walk-in showers and closets, the independent living apartments at St. Anthony’s are designed to accommodate the needs that come with self-sufficient senior living.

Is Independent Living Right for You?

Independent living offers so many joys for seniors. For many, taking home maintenance off the “to-do” list is a huge perk. No more shoveling snow, no more mopping floors!

Making the move to senior living is a big decision, but for most St. Anthony’s residents, independent living is a great way to live a relaxed, vibrant life in a great community. Everyone’s reasons for choosing independent living are different, but here are some common motivations:

  • Ready to put home maintenance and yard work behind you
  • Wanting a community where friendships can be built and socializing is the norm
  • Eager to participate in activities, fitness, fine dining, religious services, and more — without driving miles to do so
  • Interested in some help with chores, like housekeeping or transportation

Another advantage to independent living is a seamless transition should additional needs arise. If further health complications necessitate more daily living support, you can stay in the same community and shift to assisted living or memory care.

Assisted Living

Whether settled in independent living or enjoying life outside of senior care facilities, many older adults eventually reach a point of requiring additional support in day-to-day activities. Because each assisted living resident has unique needs and capabilities, our trained staff takes the time to determine the level of care needed to give residents the support they need (and the freedom they want!). Assisted living might be a good option for residents who need a bit more daily support than independent living, including help with medications, mobility, bathing, and hygiene.

Assisted Living at St. Anthony’s

Assisted living at St. Anthony’s goes further than just medical care. With all the same amenities and activities residents enjoy in independent living, we make it our mission to accommodate aging seniors at all levels of need so they can continue enjoying their favorite pastimes with fellow residents.

In addition to 24/7 access to our highly-trained healthcare staff and personalized assistance with bathing, dining, and mobility as needed, assisted living residents enjoy spacious apartments with oversized bathrooms, an inviting neighborhood dining room, and spiritual services to meet the needs of all residents.

Is Assisted Living Right for You?

Transitioning from independent to assisted living doesn’t mean giving up independence! St. Anthony’s strives to provide just the right amount of support and balance for our residents who desire autonomy.

Assisted living is best for seniors who begin experiencing difficulty with mobility or completing daily tasks like hygiene routines or eating. If you or a loved one have experienced a recent injury or medical emergency that has affected your independent living capabilities, let us ease the stress and support you in assisted living!

Memory Care

Just as the body grows weary with age, so does the mind! Seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s can still enjoy meaning and purpose in their lives with the added support and safety they need. Seniors deserve a place where they can age peacefully, surrounded by compassionate care and carefully crafted nostalgia to maintain happiness.

Memory Care at St. Anthony’s

With memory care suites at St. Anthony’s that are designed with privacy, livability, and enjoyment in mind, residents enjoy a home away from home that actually looks like home. This is our opportunity to honor those who have led us as parents, teachers, friends, and neighbors. These residents have paved the way to where we are now, and they should be celebrated and cared for in return!

Residents with memory support needs will be safe and sound with 24-hour care from a trained caregiver and a non-intrusive wander monitoring system to protect and preserve their days. To further empower residents, St. Anthony’s Journeys program and life skills stations provide meaningful moments of engagement to keep memories alive and residents thriving.

Due to the critical needs of residents with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s, our caregivers are trained in memory loss care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents. Memory care at St. Anthony’s is person-focused, allowing caregivers to build real relationships with residents to best support their daily function and communication needs.

Is Memory Care Right for You?

Residents diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s may continue in independent or assisted living at first, but as memory begins to fade and safety becomes more difficult to maintain, it may be time for special care.

Memory support at St. Anthony’s is focused on ensuring a joyful quality of life! By participating in memory-focused activities that are deeply rooted in the latest research and maintaining social interaction in the St. Anthony’s community, our residents can actually prolong vital memory function.

Transitioning to Senior Living Care

Selling the family home and downsizing, whether to independent living, assisted living, or memory care, is never easy for seniors to work through. At St. Anthony’s, we want to make that transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible for Kansas City residents.

With a servant’s heart, we are here to ensure residents can live an active and purposeful life with the peace of mind our support brings. Our residents have pioneered our past. It’s our goal to empower their future. Contact us today to see if St. Anthony’s senior living is right for you or a loved one.