St. Anthony's Senior Living

What is Life Like in a Senior Living Community?

The decision to live in a senior living community may sometimes be the result of a physical need and the necessity for extra daily help. However, more and more seniors are choosing to move to a senior living community simply for the full, joyful lifestyle it provides!

What kind of lifestyle does a senior living community offer? Keep reading to find out what life is like in the senior living community at St. Anthony’s Kansas City.

Here, you’ll find a variety of residents age 62 and better pursuing an active, healthy, and spiritual lifestyle. Whether they reside in our independent living, assisted living, or memory care apartments depends on individual needs. But in each senior living environment, you’ll find a friendly culture with a small-town feel of welcoming neighbors and peace of mind.

Thriving in Retirement: Independence & Choice

Those in our independent living apartments have the opportunity to flex their independence and take their car from its underground parking spot (yes, that means never having to shovel snow during Kansas City winters!) off to the shops or to see family. If you’d rather not drive, you can join a group shopping trip or enjoy a musical concert from the comfort of our community.

Enrichment activities and other events aren’t scheduled just to pass the time; instead, they’re intentionally crafted to provide a fulfilling retirement. In our senior living community, you’ll get to embrace what gives you purpose and enjoy each day!

St. Anthony’s is proud to give all of our residents the ability to enjoy the life they desire, while also taking advantage of on-site healthcare professionals and medication management services as needed. Need physical therapy? Recovering from an illness? You’ll find the extra help you need here.

Luxury in a Prime Location

Senior living at St. Anthony’s is located in the Brookside neighborhood, just a few minutes south of the Country Club Plaza shopping district and a few minutes east of the Kansas suburbs of Prairie Village and Mission Hills. Boutiques, restaurants, and other shops are nearby and ready for you to enjoy as you please. Even if you prefer to stay in the neighborhood, Brookside boasts some of the best dining, shopping, and amenities in Kansas City!

For those who enjoy culture in their spare time, a jaunt to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, T-Mobile Center, Starlight Theatre, or Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is an exciting adventure.

Brookside may be the perfect location for visiting with family and friends in the area. Guests are even welcome to stay and enjoy St. Anthony’s for themselves. Your loved ones may enjoy attending a church service, sharing a meal at our on-site restaurant, or spending the night in your two-bedroom apartment.

Building Relationships with Those that Understand

What kind of people are enjoying life at St. Anthony’s senior living community? Most likely, people a lot like you. Our residents come from many different walks of life. From teachers, business owners, and homemakers to lawyers, salesmen, and more, you’ll enjoy many stimulating conversations.

We often see seniors coming from Brookside, Waldo, and Mission who enjoy living in a similar neighborhood, while others come from farther away. Many of our residents have been involved in a nearby church parish or other congregation, but we welcome people of all faith backgrounds.

At St. Anthony’s you’ll find seniors with a variety of interests. Some will enjoy crafting, taking to the salon, and playing gin rummy. Others may love to listen to a musical performance and grow plants in the community garden. Whatever your interests, you’ll likely find a new friend with the same activities in mind.

To give you an idea of senior living community populations, let’s look at the average. While St. Anthony’s residents start at age 62, the average age nationwide of senior living residents is 84 years old. The average age to move into senior living is between 75-84 years old. As noted earlier, this number is decreasing as more seniors enjoy community living at a younger age.

Enjoying Better Quality of Life

Seniors often find more to enjoy in our community like St. Anthony’s than they would at home. Just consider the many choices you’ll find in our senior living community.

We’re excited to exceed your expectations when it comes to dining. Whether enjoying a meal in our casual dining location or at the upscale and in-house St. Elizabeth’s bistro, you’ll find many plates you love. Foodies can enjoy unique culinary classes and learn new skills in our state-of-the-art facility. At cooking demonstrations or small group classes, you’ll find new flavors to enjoy, like-minded foodie friends, and an exciting night out.

Of course, if you’re more interested in wine tasting than food making, we’ve got you covered. In an educational wine tasting, you’ll learn the nuances of wine from places around the world and take home knowledge to impress your loved ones. Happy hour is a fun opportunity to enjoy a beverage and tasty snacks with friends.

There’s also a library, spa, and garden for those who enjoy more relaxing pursuits. Get book recommendations or gardening tips from those with similar interests.

Participating in Spiritual Endeavors

Living in a senior living community can actually make tending to your spiritual side an everyday occurrence. St. Anthony’s is proud to be sponsored by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. In a dedicated chapel, you’ll enjoy priests in residence, daily mass, pastoral sacraments, and a regular uplifting spirit. You’ll even find the Sisters of St. Anne working in our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities. Additionally, we welcome those of all faiths and also offer non-denominational services.

Being a spiritual-based community gives St. Anthony’s a unique warmth and welcoming feel. Whether it’s attending services or having a simple spiritual conversation among friends, you’ll feel the difference at St. Anthony’s.

What’s life like in a senior living community? It’s different in a unique and exciting way. Is St. Anthony’s the right place for you? Learn more about the life our residents enjoy and discover where you belong at St. Anthony’s.