St. Anthony's Senior Living

What is Memory Care?

For some seniors, there may come a time when fully independent living is no longer a safe option and more specialized care is needed. At St. Anthony’s, our residents enjoy all the comforts and nostalgia of home with the safety and support of highly trained staff, plus a community of seniors sharing their experiences! Our Memory Care program is uniquely designed to ensure our residents enjoy a fulfilling life. Let’s dive in.

Memory Care: What You Need to Know

Memory care is an assisted living option specifically designed for seniors experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia in some form (or have received an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis) that limits their ability to care for themselves safely. By helping your loved one to settle into a memory care facility, you are providing them with the extra care and support they need to be safe around the clock.

Memory care facilities provide residents with 24/7 care, delivered by trained professionals and compassionate caregivers who will show them all the love and tenderness they deserve! Because they will be living in a community of other memory care residents, they will be surrounded by seniors they can relate to and connect with, supporting each other in building new memories and retaining a lifetime of treasured ones.

Specific services for memory care residents may vary depending on the nursing home, retirement community, or resident needs. These services may include assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and personal care tasks such as bathing, dining, medical, and transportation. Services can also include medication and medical care management, in conjunction with family.

Safety measures should also be in place to protect wandering residents from getting lost or injured. All this, along with the standard housekeeping, meals, and groundskeeping support provided to other assisted living residents, will ensure your loved one is always treated with the utmost care and respect.

Signs It May Be Time for Memory Care

With simple adjustments, many seniors can even live at home for a time during the early stages of dementia, but it’s never too early to plan. Help your loved one to be empowered in the choices surrounding their care needs and talk to them about moving to a memory care facility if you see any of these signs:

  • They seem to be requiring more care and supervision than normal
  • They are starting to need assistance with many of their ADLs (including dressing, bathing, and hygiene)
  • They seem to struggle occasionally while communicating needs and desires with you or others
  • They sometimes forget to eat and drink enough or overlook meal times
  • They have forgotten to take their medications (or, on the other hand, forget that they already have)
  • They’ve experienced falls or other injuries and don’t recall how they happened
  • Their doctor has recommended memory care due to increasing symptoms of dementia

Memory Care at St. Anthony’s

Residents of our memory care suites are surrounded by compassionate, caring professionals who pay attention to detail that defines a life of dignity. With 24-hour care from expert-trained staff, to carefully crafted nostalgia, seniors feel right at home in an environment of happiness, safety, and wellbeing.

Our program focuses on six key signatures for our memory care residents:

  • Team Development: Our goal is for every staff member to be a certified dementia practitioner. This nationwide specialized training for the entire team is something you won’t often find anywhere else.
  • Family Partnerships: With support groups and many educational opportunities, your family can increase your understanding and feeling of peace. We’re here to help families and ensure you’re here for the important moments.
  • Life Enrichment: Our team enables autonomy for those experiencing dementia, through a daily path with a loose structure that includes physical, spiritual, and cognitive engagement.
  • Personalized, Supportive Environment: We take the time to understand who your loved one was before dementia to create a unique environment for the beautiful person they are. Physical pieces of memory can act as conversation starters when it’s challenging to communicate.
  • Dining Experience: For those in memory care, our team is here to physically assist residents with eating challenges and ensure nutrition. This may be as simple as offering finger foods or working with preferences and dietary needs to make a meal unique.
    Wellness: Wellness is all-encompassing. Beyond medications and therapies, we create a constantly changing care plan to fit the exact day-to-day needs of memory care residents.


Every senior at St. Anthony’s has lived a full, beautiful life that is worth celebrating! Residents never feel alone or isolated, thanks to the loving staff who form genuine relationships with your loved one and maintain ongoing communication with family members.

Through family-style dining and other engaging social activities, residents have the opportunity to mingle and build friendships with one another within our community. Music, art, and physical movement are all vital parts of memory care activities at St. Anthony’s designed to keep the body active and the mind engaged.

Really, the care is all in the details. Vintage signs, military attire, and other decor from years past will keep memories alive alongside the treasured heirlooms residents bring to liven their suites.


Memory care residents may forget where they are and who their caretakers are from time to time. This is why our caregivers at St. Anthony’s are trained in memory loss to ensure their safety at all times. Along with around-the-clock care, residents are kept safe through our non-intrusive wander monitoring system and medication management services. Licensed nurses and on-site caregivers will partner with you and your loved one to create a plan that helps them to live a life of meaning in a safe environment.


Wellness is at the forefront of each day for memory care residents — through our floor plans, our environment, and how they are cared for. All memory care suites are equipped with private bathrooms containing ADA-compatible toilets, zero entry showers, and pocket doors to keep personal care challenge-free. If your loved one does require assistance with ADLs such as bathing, dining, or mobility, our expert staff is trained to assist them with whatever they may need.

Care and Support Throughout The Journey

Residents deserve to be honored and respected throughout their memory care experience. Our Journeys program for memory support incorporates team development, family partnerships, life enrichment, and wellness into creating a personalized, supportive environment for your loved one.

If you have a parent, spouse, sibling, or other loved one needing memory support, contact us to learn how we can bring renewed meaning and purpose to their journey.