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What to Look for When Considering Memory Care: What’s Most Important?

Seeking memory care — whether for yourself or a loved one — can be very emotional. It’s already overwhelming thinking about their needs, and choosing the proper care situation for them only makes things more challenging! When choosing a memory care facility for yourself or an important person in your life, there are many things to consider to ensure they will not just be cared for, but loved and happy too.

Whether you’re seeking memory care for an aging parent, a loved one, or yourself, here are a few things you should look for during your search for the right senior care facility.



What’s Most Important in Memory Care?

No two people are alike, and no two individuals with memory loss illnesses will have the same experience and needs. Similarly, no two locations are the same. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. So we’re here to help. 


Personalized Care Specific to Their Needs

The best memory care programs focus not on regimented schedules, but on flexibility. Great memory care facilities take an adaptable approach to residents’ ever-changing needs. What works well for one resident may not work well for another, and what was successful yesterday may be more difficult today.

Look for a memory care program that emphasizes individualized care and flexible routines, with a passion for celebrating the wonderful person your loved one is and always has been.


Family Support

Look for a memory care center that encourages family involvement. Your loved one needs you, even when they are in a thriving senior care community with lots of friends and loving staff. The right memory care facility should prioritize family partnerships as much as possible. You are an integral part of your loved one’s life and memories. The more you are involved, the more they will thrive!

When you have a loved one experiencing Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, you and your family may experience a lot of grief. At first, you grieve the diagnosis. Then, you grieve the physical loss when your loved one moves to a memory care community. This makes it even more important for the facility you choose to encourage your involvement! At St. Anthony’s, we want families to feel just as supported as our residents in their journey through memory care.


Loving Community

The best memory care facilities are more than just care facilities — they are communities. The right memory care program should encourage residents to build real relationships with each other and the staff. This involves so much more than an activities calendar. It’s about creating a genuine sense of connection and family in their new living situation. Make sure the memory care program you choose offers loving care and a community feel.

Although activities are fun, community and living a rich life in memory care goes far beyond a simple activity schedule! These activities should be provided in a flexible environment that encourages and facilitates resident autonomy while also caring for the whole person. From cognitive stimulation and physical fitness to fun events and activities, look for a memory care community that offers a holistic lifestyle.



Available Care and Services for Memory Care Residents

As you decide the best memory care option for your loved one, consider what care services are available. Will they have caregivers and nurses available 24/7? Is there a non-invasive security setup to keep them protected and safe? Will those caring for your loved one build real relationships with them? Do they have the proper training?

To keep residents and their families comforted by the level of expertise caregivers have, we’ve made it our mission at St. Anthony’s to have every member of our exceptional care team certified as a dementia practitioner! This means anyone tending to your loved one will have the proper training to support them effectively and lovingly.

We even go the extra mile by inviting our memory care staff to partner together when creating activities and special events for the residents. Every staff member has strengths we encourage them to build on, and they also find strengths in the residents to build on as well!

In terms of specific services your loved one may need, look for CNAs and staff who can support your loved one with:

  • Dining
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as bathing and dressing
  • Mobility
  • Cleaning
  • Communicating



Memory Care Amenities

When looking at the list of available amenities in a memory care community, you should make sure they cover all of your loved one’s holistic wellness needs. There should be resources, support, activities, and an environment that help your loved one to thrive:

    • Physically
    • Mentally
    • Emotionally
    • Occupationally
    • Intellectually
    • Spiritually


We are proud to be a faith-based senior living community. Here are a few specific amenities you might look out for when touring a memory care community that display good signs of holistic wellness practices:

  • Large, comfortable apartments with private bathrooms
  • Family-style dining with a lot of variety and dietician support
  • Nostalgia is woven into all of the decor and details
  • Thoughtful memory care activities such as shadow boxes
  • High-quality safety features (non-slip surfaces, smoke detectors, wander monitoring, night lights)
  • Indoor and outdoor recreation areas
  • A library of books, games, and other activities



Memory Care at St. Anthony’s

You’re invited to come and see our memory care for yourself! Schedule a tour and see why residents, staff, and families love our memory care community at St. Anthony’s in Kansas City.