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Having the Talk

When your loved one needs additional care.

As your parents or other loved ones age, you may be thinking it’s time for them to consider moving to a senior living facility like St. Anthony’s. This can be a difficult time for your loved one as they worry about losing their independence.

And we understand that these conversations don’t always come easily. As a son or daughter, or other loved one, conversations like these can bring mixed emotions. While it’s hard to see someone struggle with daily living activities, there is so much joy to be found in helping them into a new season and new home where they can be safe, well cared for and surrounded by joyful community.

"Difficult conversations go smoothly when handled with love."

Here is some advice for turning this into a beautiful and positive conversation.

Bringing Other Loved Ones in on the Conversation

You don’t have to have this conversation alone! Bring other loved ones into the conversation, especially your fellow siblings when talking with an aging parent. Doing so means everyone feels supported. And everyone is on the same team: This is a conversation, not a confrontation. It’s a gathering of people who love each other dearly and want what is best for the senior in need of extra support.

If you’ve started conversations about senior care options with an aging parent or loved one and are ready to start looking at options available to you, we’d love to help you explore and see if St. Anthony’s is the best option! Give us a call today to set up an appointment to tour our beautiful community.

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