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Meaningful Memory Support at St. Anthony’s

There is nothing more important to us at St. Anthony’s than honoring the people who have led us as parents, teachers, friends and neighbors, who built our churches and homes, and who paved the way with their philanthropy, wisdom and generosity.

Here you’ll find memory care like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll discover a home away from home that actually looks like a home. A place where people can age peacefully, surrounded by compassionate care and attention to detail that defines a life of dignity.

Everything at St. Anthony’s has been designed with a respectful, engaging experience in mind. Our memory care residents enjoy a safe, welcoming home with 24-hour care from an expert-trained staff.

St. Anthony’s memory care suites are thoughtfully crafted by senior care experts with privacy, livability and enjoyment in mind. We are dedicated to helping residents maintain a life of value through community, care and cultivating a sense of purpose you won’t find anywhere else.

We specialize in serving residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, ensuring they enjoy a time of meaning, purpose and safety. We’ve created a holistic Journeys program to empower residents according to their memory care needs.

Memory Care Amenities

  • Spacious apartments with oversized, private bathrooms
  • Highly-trained healthcare staff 24/7
  • Licensed nurses, medication management services, and on-site caregivers 
  • Three chef-prepared meals per day with family-style dining
  • Specialized diets, Dietician-approved menus
  • Life Enrichment programs, featuring resident-centered events and activities
  • Life skills stations to provide meaningful moments of engagement
  • Spiritual services to meet the needs of all residents
  • Non-intrusive wander monitoring system
  • On-site hair salon
  • Personal care including bathing, dining, and mobility
  • Carefully crafted nostalgia

Memory Care Specialization

Residents with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s require special care. These residents might forget where they are and who their caretakers are from time to time. For this reason, it is critical that caregivers have training specifically in memory loss care to ensure the safety, wellbeing and happiness of these patients.

At St. Anthony’s, staff members are trained to handle the needs of those battling significant memory loss conditions. Each resident will receive care based on an assessment of their abilities and be treated accordingly. Our person-focused memory care allows caregivers to help with daily activities, communication and more.

Promoting social interactions, memory-focused activities and enrichment activities, our team can help with memory exercises that can prolong vital memory function. Our memory care activities include music, art and physical movements that are deeply rooted in the latest research on dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Journeys: St. Anthony’s Dementia Care Program

Life is a journey, and it doesn’t stop with a dementia diagnosis. At St. Anthony’s, we’re here to ensure that journey continues in a different yet beautiful way. Take a look at our holistic and heartfelt program created to ensure that those living with dementia satisfy all their needs from physiological to love, purpose and belonging:

Team Development. Our goal is for every staff member to be certified dementia practitioners. This nationwide specialized training is something you won’t often find by nearly the entire team anywhere else. Through continuous team development, we also seek to develop our staff’s strengths and incorporate their interests into new and exciting programs.

While a well-trained staff is essential, we strive to go even further. Our work begins educating the public by partnering with local schools and finding those people who have a passion for senior living.

Family Partnerships. Families are an important part of the Journey’s process. With support groups and numerous opportunities for education, your family can increase your understanding and feeling of peace. We’re here to help families through the grieving process and make sure you’re here for the important moments.

Through a part of the program called Moments in Time, we ensure that even when families aren’t present, they can enjoy the beautiful moments when their loved one comes back to the surface. Through photo or video, we’ll share with you when your family member is present in word or in action so you never miss a moment in time.

Life Enrichment. We’re about more than just structured activities here at St. Anthony’s Memory Care. We know regimented schedules don’t always work for those experiencing dementia. Our team enables autonomy through a daily path with a loose structure that includes physical, spirituality and cognitive engagement. 

Personalized, Supportive Environment. Unlike other memory care environments, we take the time to understand who your loved one was before dementia because we believe that personality is still there. Our goal is to create a unique environment for the beautiful person they are. One way we do that is with a shadow box outside their apartment full of well-loved items from their lives. These physical pieces of memory can act as conversation starters in a time when it’s difficult to communicate.

We meet our residents where they are on their journey. We listen and understand what activities bring them joy, even if it’s something so simple as being able to sweep the floor. Providing the opportunity to participate in activities that offer a sense of control and normality helps our residents build self-esteem.

Dining Experience. Families are always invited to come and share a meal to see what a wonderful dining experience we offer at St. Anthony’s. For those in memory care, sitting down to eat can be a challenge. Our team is here to physically assist residents and give them the opportunity to experience independence. This may be as simple as offering a finger food for those residents who like to be on the move or working with preferences to make a meal unique.

Wellness. We understand that wellness is all-encompassing. That means beyond medications and therapies, we’re creating a safe environment in our apartments and ensuring the best quality of life. Our staff nurses create a constantly changing care plan to fit the exact day-to-day needs of memory care residents. 

Our team is encouraged to read the life story of each of our residents and get to know them on a deeper level. Staff also contribute to records if they notice something that may be helpful for a particular resident whether that’s a preference for comfort or favorite activity.

Compassionate Care Down to the Details

Loving staff. Our team members are known for being kind and caring as they interact with residents. With a passion for memory care, our staff forms a relationship with your loved one and keeps an ongoing communication with family members. 

Faith-based living. St. Anthony’s is a faith-based community sponsored by the Diocese of  Kansas City – St. Joseph. Memory care residents will enjoy the option to attend Mass regularly. There may even be Sisters at work to further support the warm, nurturing environment of St. Anthony’s. Our residents may enjoy singing hymns, prayer sessions or spiritual discussions. While we are a faith-based establishment, people from any faith tradition are welcome.

Nostalgic design. Residents enjoy reminiscing on delightful days gone by with decor from years past. They’ll enjoy experiencing the vintage signs, military attire, sewing machines, typewriters, and more that made up the little moments of life.

Natural light. Memory care homes include beautiful windows which open to let in a breeze. These apartments were intentionally designed to meet memory care needs and provide a pleasant home environment.

Large, private bathrooms. Our facilities feature ADA compatible toilets, zero entry showers and pocket doors that remove the challenge of dealing with unwieldy swinging doors. 

Behavior awareness. Your loved one may experience behaviors that make their care more complex. Our team is here to understand those behaviors and uncover what they may be communicating. We are constantly looking at different cues and triggers to understand what our residents need. 

Community Interactions. We all need human connection and community. Living with folks at the same stage of life and experience helps our residents form relationships and belonging. With family-style dining and enrichment opportunities, your loved one will find a place to fit in.

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