The Why Behind Memory Care


A Passion for Purposeful Living and Daily Dignity

At St. Anthony’s, we’re dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition from independent living to the loving care of memory support. You won’t find a stark, hospital-like environment here. Our residents experience the care they deserve in a unique, home-like environment. Featuring beautiful slate stone, warm colors and a welcoming design, residents experience the finest setting imaginable. 

While design may seem like a small detail, we know every detail matters when it comes to memory care. We believe the dignity of life doesn’t change, even if abilities do. Our memory care certified staff has laid the foundation for an exceptional memory care facility from the beginning. 

St. Anthony’s is a family-owned, faith-based senior living community. That’s one more reason why you’ll feel like family here. We’re passionate about creating an environment of compassion, care and respect.

Changing Memory Care with Compassion

Our staff is proud to offer Journeys: St. Anthony’s Dementia Care Program. We understand life has its twists, turns and different destinations. Each day offers a new direction. With Journeys, we’ve carefully prepared a heartfelt journey for our residents. Life’s journey doesn’t stop with a dementia diagnosis. Everyday life in our Journeys program is fulfilling, gratifying and meaningful.

Part of the reason Journeys is such a powerful program for our residents with dementia is that it’s designed to care for your loved ones in a holistic sense. At its core, Journeys provides physiological care by meeting core needs with nutrition and wellness. Our staff members are educated to further provide an environment of safety and comfort. Through family partnerships and team development, we seek to bring love and belonging to our residents. Through enrichment and life skills, we empower your loved ones with self-esteem and self-worth. 

Our Journeys program is full of heartfelt action and emotion that care for dementia residents in a complete and holistic way.

The Stepping Stones of our Journeys Program

Our team at St. Anthony’s is passionate about senior health care, and we’ve built our Journeys program with six signature features. Our unparalleled Journeys program includes the following:

Team Development. Our goal is for every staff member to be certified dementia practitioners. This nationwide specialized training is something you won’t find anywhere else. 

Family Partnerships. With support groups and numerous opportunities for education, your family can increase your understanding and feeling of peace. While your loved one is in our care, we go above and beyond to ensure you never miss a moment in time.

Life Enrichment. Regimented schedules don’t always work for those experiencing dementia. Our team enables autonomy through a daily path that includes physical, spirituality and cognitive engagement. 

Personalized, Supportive Environment. Unlike other memory care environments, we take the time to understand who your loved one was before dementia. From their life stories and careers to hobbies and interests, it all matters.  

Dining Experience. All our residents enjoy chef-driven cuisine. While dining can sometimes be a challenge for people in memory care, our team is here to assist residents and facilitate delicious dining. 

Wellness. We understand that wellness is all-encompassing. Beyond medications and therapies, we’re creating a safe environment in our apartments and ensuring the best quality of life.

Serving with a Full Heart

The vision of what St. Anthony’s could be began with our founder’s consideration of what he would want most for his very own parents. That’s why you’ll find an atmosphere of family, love and warmth everywhere you look. 

Around-the-clock care — that also allows for privacy, dignity and respect — is at the core of our Journeys program. At St. Anthony’s, we provide more than essential medical care. We provide compassionate care. Here, residents find a community, a purpose and a place filled with peace. 

Our staff is honored to get to know your loved one and create a daily environment of compassion, meaning and care. 
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