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Our Approach to Memory Care at St. Anthony's

Compassionate Care Down to the Details

Life is a journey, and it doesn’t stop with a dementia diagnosis. At St. Anthony’s, we’re here to ensure that journey continues in a safe and beautiful way. Take a look at our holistic and heartfelt program created to ensure that those living with dementia satisfy all their needs from physiological to love, purpose, and belonging.


Wellness is more than just physical. At St. Anthony’s, we see wellness as all-encompassing, which informs our holistic approach to senior wellness in Memory Care as we provide emotional, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, mental, and physical wellness to ensure a joy-filled quality of life.

Dining Experience

Dining lights up the five senses, creating a beautiful opportunity for enjoyment and memory stimulation. As memory loss conditions affect both taste preferences and the strength of the five senses, we build a delicious dining environment for Memory Care residents that models healthy meal time habits and adapts to changing needs.

Personalized Supportive Environment

Each of our residents is unique and different, and they each deserve an individualized, personal care experience. Our residents and their families will find a truly unique, curated experience in our memory care program that sees your loved one as the wonderful personality they have always been.

Life Enrichment

Life enrichment goes beyond an activities calendar and structured activities. While regimented schedules work for some, they aren’t always the best choice for people diagnosed with dementia. The daily path we have crafted for memory care residents involves meeting their wellness needs in a flexible schedule that allows for as much autonomy as possible.

Team Development

Our team is responsible for the emotional and physical wellness of our Memory Care residents, and they don’t take that responsibility lightly. We have intentionally crafted team development to cultivate an exceptional care team, with the ultimate goal of having every St. Anthony’s staff member certified as a dementia practitioner.

Family Partnerships

Your experience at St. Anthony’s matters, whether you’re a resident or a family member. We invite families to be involved in their loved one’s memory care program as much as possible. We also come alongside family members to guide their own journey of grief and adjustment to this new lifestyle for their loved one.

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