St. Anthony's Senior Living

A Day in the Life of a St. Anthony’s Resident

A group of senior citizens enjoy a game of cards as part of their lifestyle.

Life in a senior living community can be enriching and meaningful! With tailored care, engaging activities, and a supportive environment, residents can enjoy each day to the fullest. A day in the life of a St. Anthony’s resident is a well-balanced combination of social engagement, personalized care, and opportunities for enrichment. Each day offers a new chance for residents to connect with friends and enjoy a fulfilling retirement experience.

Of course, not all senior living facilities are created equal. So to give you a little taste of what life is like at St. Anthony’s, explore a day in the life of a senior living resident for all of our senior living options — independent living, assisted living, and memory care — at St. Anthony’s.


Senior Living Morning Routine

It’s the start of a new day at St. Anthony’s! Residents can relax and take their time getting ready in the morning before moving on to breakfast with their fellow residents.


Independent Living

Independent living residents have spacious apartments complete with full-sized kitchens, making breakfast a nice, relaxing time in their very own space. Residents may keep it simple with scrambled eggs in their own kitchen, or join friends at St. Elizabeth’s Bistro for a continental breakfast. On Sundays, independent living residents love to gather right after Mass at the Bistro for a delicious brunch.

During the week, independent living residents can be found exercising at the St. Thomas More Wellness Center, often enjoying our popular Sit N’ Be Fit class. Or join us for fun activities, like weekly grocery shopping trips, or even manicures! No two days are the same. And of course, residents have their own unique activities they enjoy, with some heading out to visit with family and others enjoying a relaxing morning in their apartment. No two days are the same!


Assisted Living

Our assisted living residents enjoy nutritious family-style dining all together to kick off the morning. We offer a selection of delicious foods from our dietician-approved menu they can easily handle with independence and autonomy.

After breakfast, our assisted living residents enjoy some light arts and crafts together or even come together for a game of Bingo. This is also the time of day when many assisted living clubs meet, like the St. Anthony’s Senior Band!


Memory Care

Similar to assisted living, memory care residents begin the day with family-style dining among their fellow senior living residents in the memory care area. Each day follows a very similar routine in memory care to keep things familiar, though we encourage residents to express autonomy and preference in their schedule as needs and wants may change. Memory care also enjoys a Sit N’ Be Fit class just like we have at the fitness center, but in the comfort of the memory care area with their care staff.


Senior Living Midday Activities

There’s plenty to do at St. Anthony’s, so our senior living residents are never bored! After breakfast and a brief morning activity, residents have a variety of fun things to do around the St. Anthony’s campus and beyond to keep each day fun and exciting.


Independent Living

While many independent living residents continue to maintain thriving, busy schedules off campus, we make sure to keep a calendar full of fun activities for anyone who would prefer an easy living day at home. Residents can socialize and gather for arts and crafts, card games, or walk through the visitation gardens with their loved ones. Enjoy pampering at our on-site salon for a manicure or to freshen your hair cut, or check out one of the resident-led clubs like cooking or sewing. The possibilities are endless!


Assisted Living

To beat the afternoon drowsiness, we invite assisted living residents to get their blood pumping and get moving with engaging physical activities like kickball and chair exercises. These activities are accomodating and completely approachable for any assisted living resident, regardless of physical ability. Prefer to relax in your own room? All residents enjoy cable TV and internet access included! (But you bet we love watching JEOPARDY and Wheel of Fortune together!)


Memory Care

Afternoons in memory care are all about stimulating nostalgic memories and helping our residents remember who they are and what they love. This can look like specialized therapy activities with trained care staff or sometimes it’s just an old favorite movie with delicious popcorn. We also have intimate religious services such as Mass or the Rosary each day to help memory care residents stay connected with their faith.


Senior Living Evening Winddown

As the day comes to a close, residents prepare for dinner and get settled in their comfortable, luxurious apartments for the night. Of course, for residents who aren’t ready to say goodnight just yet, we have a few more opportunities to enjoy good company before bed!


Independent Living

Before dinner, many independent living residents enjoy attending Mass followed by a glass of wine at Happy Hour. After that, it’s time for some fine dining!

Dinnertime is when most of our independent living residents take advantage of our five-star restaurant-quality dining at St. Elizabeth’s Bistro! With unique dietician-approved options on the curated menu, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.


Assisted Living and Memory Care

After another family-style meal with the same delicious five-star options our independent living residents enjoy, assisted living and memory care residents often unite for fun movies or games. Saturday and Sunday evenings, for instance, are for TV Classics (I Love Lucy and Gilligan’s Island are a few favorites).

Wherever you call home in St. Anthony’s Senior Living, we like to keep the evenings as relaxed as possible so everyone can wind down and enjoy some peace and quiet before heading to bed in their private apartments.


What Life Looks Like at St. Anthony’s

For seniors who don’t call St. Anthony’s home, there’s lots of work to be done. From laundry and meal prep, to housekeeping and lawncare and other errands, these can be stressful aspects of life. Here at St. Anthony’s, these chores are off your plate! While independent living residents do have in-unit laundry and may handle some of their own housekeeping, they also have the option to delegate those responsibilities to our professional cleaning staff.

If you’re ready to experience freedom and relaxation like you never have before, contact us to schedule a tour and see our beautiful facility for yourself.