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Spend Time Outside This Fall!

It’s officially fall — one of our favorite seasons at St. Anthony’s! As the months get colder, it can get more difficult for seniors to be comfortable outside. Fortunately, Kansas City’s fall tends to be fairly mild, ranging from the high 60s to the low 70s, making it a lovely time for seniors to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in!


Why Seniors Should Spend Time Outside

With the amount of indoor entertainment available to us these days, it can be easy to stop going outside altogether — especially for older adults with limited mobility and access to the luxurious apartments at St. Anthony’s.

Spending time outside is essential for holistic wellness at every age, positively impacting all facets of health and wellness. Here are some ways getting outside is beneficial:

  • Mental Wellness: People who spend regular time outside are at lower risk of mental illnesses like depression.
  • Physical Wellness: Getting outside encourages you to move your body and stay active, reducing risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Spiritual Wellness: Enjoying nature’s beauty helps us feel more connected to our God who created it, as well as our spirituality
  • Intellectual Wellness: There are so many new things to discover and explore outside, whether it’s learning about the local flora and fauna or reading a book under the sun’s refreshing rays.
  • Occupational Wellness: Recently retired adults may feel somewhat rudderless without the routines of a standard work week. However, getting outside can relieve some of this tension and give a renewed sense of purpose amidst the relaxation.


Going outside also keeps us socially active, keeping residents in senior living connected in the community with one another instead of isolating in their apartments.


Fall Activities for Seniors

To make the most out of the fairer weather, here are some fun activities for seniors to inspire you to get outside on a crisp autumn day:


1. Stroll through the gardens

Getting outside doesn’t have to be complicated. Studies show that even just 15 minutes spent in the sun every day can give you some much-needed vitamin D. While adventuring out on the town may be fun for some seniors, those with more limited mobility can still embrace the beautiful weather and changing leaves simply with a daily walk through the visitation gardens at St. Anthony’s.


2. Embrace your inner gardener

For those who prefer to get more hands-on with their outdoor bliss, connect with fellow seniors in the St. Anthony’s Gardening Club! Fall is the perfect time to prune, weed, and tend to those precious plants and flower beds in preparation for winter, so it’s all hands on deck to give the gardens the TLC they need.

If we don’t have an active gardening club when you’re reading this, talk to one of our staff members about how you can start one. We love all the fun clubs our residents create and are more than happy to help you with this passion project!


3. Take in the autumn colors

Kansas City is lucky to have stunning colors on full display across the city! Lovely trees, complete with fantastic fall foliage, can be found not far from St. Anthony’s. Jacob L. Loose Park is just seven minutes north of St. Anthony’s, full of beautiful trees and scenery. Loose Park is one of Kansas City’s most popular, beautiful, and historical parks, with 74 acres. The park features plenty of benches to sit and take in the scenery, as well as handicapped-accessible features. 

Beyond Loose Park, venture around the Kansas City metro for more beautiful fall sight-seeing! 


4. Exercise!

While the St. Thomas More Wellness Center is an excellent resource to help our residents stay fit and healthy, it can be a nice change of pace to do some light exercise outside instead while the weather permits it. This can be a simple brisk walk, or you can lay out a blanket or yoga mat and do some stretches and low-impact workouts.

Need a more guided workout but still want to get outside? Talk to our fitness class instructors and see if they can move their class out on the lawn for a day!


5. Have a chat on the patio

Getting outside doesn’t necessarily need to be active. The visitation gardens at St. Anthony’s aren’t just for walking — they’re great for a nice afternoon chat! That’s why we have plenty of comfortable benches, tables, and chairs for residents and their guests to lounge and relax while out in the beautifully landscaped and cultivated nature of our gardens.

As it’s getting cooler outside, we recommend bringing a blanket and a warm cup of coffee or tea with you to one of the tables while you share stories and fond memories with your loved ones!


Come Home to St. Anthony’s

After you’ve had your dose of the Great Outdoors, we invite you to come home to the cozy indoors and illustrious amenities of St. Anthony’s! Enjoy a relaxing drink at happy hour with fellow residents, dine on delicious and healthy fall comfort food in St. Elizabeth’s Bistro, then retire to your apartment to cozy up at your very own fireplace.

Discover all this and so much more by scheduling a tour of our beautiful community!