St. Anthony's Senior Living

Why St. Anthony’s is an Award-Winning Kansas City Favorite

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Each year, Kansas City Favorites releases a list of the best places in our neck of the woods, from restaurants to education to healthcare. We’re humbled and honored to receive the gold medal in assisted living for 2023 award! Here is what they had to say about the St. Anthony’s experience:


“St. Anthony’s Senior Living makes choosing the right assisted living community easy. Their residents flourish in an active, supporting environment cultivated by tender-hearted staff for individualized needs.”


As we celebrate, you’re invited! Here is how we take these words to heart with everything we do in assisted living and beyond.

An Active Community

There’s a reason we are called a senior living community, not a “facility” or “center.” Community is about more than just a place to eat and sleep. We’re not an apartment building for seniors — We’re an active and thriving community of people who care for each other and love to spend time together!

At St. Anthony’s, we create as many opportunities as possible for assisted living residents to engage with each other and build lifelong friendships. Our activities calendar is packed with fun things to do that cover a wide range of preferences and ways to play. Some resident favorites include:


  • Card games like Kings in the Corner or Rummy
  • Movie night with the care staff
  • Resident-led clubs for everything from gardening to reading!


We also make a point of taking the “active” part of being a community seriously! We encourage physical movement and exercise in fun and accessible ways. Residents of assisted living especially love chair exercises for how it empowers them to stay fit and keep their bodies mobile even with limited motion capabilities.


A Supporting Environment

At. St. Anthony’s, we pride ourselves in how much we care and authentically support each other. By nature, it’s extremely common for seniors to feel isolated when they move to assisted living. They may be leaving behind a community they love, having family nearby, or even a spouse.

For this reason, caring for mental health is essential to creating a safe and comforting environment where our residents know they are never alone. There is always a staff person or a fellow resident eager to come alongside and bolster a senior who is struggling with feelings of isolation or adjusting to assisted living.


Tender-Hearted Staff

Our staff set the tone for the entire experience at St. Anthony’s, so we take their involvement in the lives of our residents very seriously! The St. Anthony’s care staff are aptly named because they care on a deeply personal level for the residents they commune with daily. 


Our staff’s tender, compassionate hearts inspire and encourage us and our residents to express Christlike love to one another. By setting a precedent for care, support and encouragement, our team set the stage for creating a safe space that is welcoming to everyone. Residents are more than just boxes to be checked on a list of people with limited ability. They are our friends and our family, and our staff treats them as such.


Beyond our staff’s integrity and loving hearts, they are also highly trained to provide the highest quality of respectful care for our residents. This includes every single member of our care staff being trained and certified to support residents with memory loss illnesses, easing the transition from assisted living to memory care should it ever become necessary.


Individualized Needs

No two people are alike, so a prescribed care formula simply won’t work for residents in an assisted living community! When the time comes for a senior to move into assisted living, they likely need help with more than one activity of daily living (ADL). However, these needs can vary significantly, making it vital that care plans be explicitly designed for the individual person! While one resident may need help with dining, getting dressed, and continence care, another may simply require assistance with their limited mobility.


At St. Anthony’s, we offer support for all ADLs in assisted living, and we do so by curating a specialized care plan in communication with the resident, their family, and their doctor to make sure all of their needs are being met without sacrificing their autonomy. We believe in care catered to the individual person, not just a list of ADLs.


Our individualized care goes beyond ADLs too! Every resident has a spacious apartment to decorate and set up with all their favorite things to make it homey and welcoming. We also have five-star dining with a full menu of options so our residents can choose from various delicious meals. To our staff, it’s all about loving, individualized care down to the most minute details!


St. Anthony’s is Honored to Serve Kansas City Seniors!

Thank you to Kansas City Favorites for recognizing all the work and heartfelt care we put into making St. Anthony’s a thriving community and a comfortable home for all of our residents. We are so much more than an assisted living facility, and we believe this reward reflects at least a piece of our passion for people of all needs.


If you or a loved one are considering moving to assisted living (or independent living if you don’t need additional care just yet!), we would love to invite you to explore what St. Anthony’s offers. Our staff and residents have created an incredible community that we simply cannot help but brag about! Come take a tour of our beautiful campus and get to know St. Anthony’s in person. Contact us to learn more!