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When Is It Time for Assisted Living? Part 3

In this third installment of “When Is It Time for Assisted Living?” we will finish discussing the three main reasons seniors move to Assisted Living.

“The third most common reason that seniors move to Assisted Living is the need or desire for someone to be there ‘just in case’,” Haworth said, “This typically happens when there has been an incident, such as a fall or stroke, and the family or the senior themselves, would feel safer in an environment where there are staff around.”

She went on to offer that many families and residents don’t realize all the different aspects of the residents’ lives that the staff are quietly monitoring. It’s not just the regular weights and blood pressures, but the more subtle signs that something might be amiss. Do her ankles look more swollen than usual? Does he look pale today? Is she quieter than usual? Is he walking differently? By monitoring all these minuscule changes, which could be early clues to impending health issues, we are able to intervene faster than most people would at home. In Assisted Living, labs can be drawn, the nurse practitioner can be called in, and an explanation found right away-all before someone might have even noticed a change if the senior were still in their home.

“Early intervention is the key to preserving and improving the health of our seniors. We want their quality of life to improve in Assisted Living and for family members to be able to be family members and be able to put aside the stress of worrying about every blip in healthcare monitoring,” said Haworth.

There’s still time to be part of the St. Anthony’s Assisted Living family, but apartments are filling up quickly.

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