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7 Best Gifts for Parents and Grandparents this Christmas that are Retirement Home Friendly

There’s an old joke in sports broadcasting. The joke usually comes when two teams find themselves with the same score. The broadcaster who notices then makes an attempt for a few laughs from the audience: “And just like my dad says every Christmas, it’s a tie.” We think that joke is sad because it’s partly true! (Which is what makes it pretty funny, of course). Typically, parents and grandparents get the short end of the stick when it comes to Christmas gifts each year. Ultimately, we know no parents or grandparents are moping around because at some point in life, most individuals wisely realize that giving really does bring more joy than receiving. But, if there is indeed truth to that statement, then we can also move forward with a new goal: to GIVE the best gifts for parents and grandparents in 2022 and beyond. Better yet, we made sure the gifts in the list below are retirement home-friendly if you have a loved one at a community like St. Anthony’s.

Earlier this summer, we similarly outlined some gifts for Father’s Day (and all those grandfathers out there). But it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! Therefore, it is time for an update to the best gifts list. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully gets your juices flowing. After all, your elders have probably sacrificed and given you A LOT in years past. Now is the time to start giving your best to them. Even if “your best” is less than $50 with free shipping—we think that’s a great start.

Fill-in-the-Blank Journal for Grandma or Grandpa 

Speaking of less than $50, this simple journal provides some great gifts for parents and grandparents everywhere. Look beyond the “Knock Knock” and think about the fun laughs you’ll get with loved ones filling in the blanks of your favorite family memories! Similar to “Mad-Libs” (which is another great gift option) this journal will provide wonderful conversation starters to last a lifetime inside a keepsake journal.

An Electric Blanket to Stay Warm in Winter 

Blankets have come a long way since…well, whenever blankets were invented! But if your parent or grandparent doesn’t have an electric blanket yet, this easy-to-use electric blanket is a perfect gift option in 2021. We all know Kansas City, and most midwestern cities, for that matter, experience pretty brisk winters. This safe and affordable present will keep you and your loved ones warm during the holiday season.

A Custom Calendar or Photo Album

Alright, so this one is a little bit like the “tie” joke we mentioned earlier, but thanks to wonderful customization websites like Shutterfly, you can create a custom calendar or photo album in no time! Those are just two examples of what you can order on their website—the best gifts for parents and grandparents often include a little “family” sprinkled in, and a customized calendar or photo album will without a doubt do the trick this year!

Personalize More than Just Photos

Similar to Shutterfly, VistaPrint is another option for customizing goods such as mugs, picture frames, and puzzles! It may seem simple, but if you have a few classic, timeless photos uploaded to your computer (maybe of your whole family or even from grandparents’ wedding day), then getting those onto something they’ll see and use each day will truly make a mark.

Ancestry DNA Kit

Christmas means the New Year is around the corner, and the New Year means…resolutions! Well, at least attempting resolutions. And if you want to light a fire inside of your parents and grandparents to learn more about their lineage, an Ancestry DNA Kit is certainly the way to go. Pursuing one’s genealogy isn’t usually at the top of everyone’s resolutions list, but to buy someone a DNA kit is to empower them on the journey. And you could even come alongside the giftee in the year ahead to find some answers together—talk about a bonding project!

Write Their Name in the Sky

No, we’re not talking about hopping in a jet plane and writing their name in the sky with clouds of smoke. We’re looking beyond the earth’s atmosphere to name a star after your parent or grandparent! Whether you consider yourself an astrologist or not, Star Registration has you covered on the ins-and-outs of registering new names in the nighttime sky. A little quirky? Maybe. An epic Christmas gift? Of course!

Something Green

No, not money! You can do better than cash this year—instead, we suggest a wonderful plant (or set of plants) they can have and take care of in their room! Obviously, you can get plants at about any hardware store or Home Depot, but we suggest one of our favorite local Kansas City spots, Family Tree Nursery. You could either surprise them with a plant you pick out, or you can get them a gift card and go with each other or as a family. One of the best parts about the shops are their coffee shops inside. You can sip coffee or a latte while enjoying the greenery, and then pick out a plant before heading home!

And that last part is what it’s all about isn’t it? Heading home to be with friends and family during the holidays. Nobody deserves to be alone come Christmas, so make sure 1) your family has others to celebrate with and 2) they have some awesome gifts to celebrate!

We hope our list got your warm, creative juices flowing—now all that’s left is to put some marshmallows on top.

St. Anthony’s has no affiliation with the products and brands listed above and receives no commission from sales – these are just some of our staff’s favorite gift ideas.