St. Anthony’s Senior Living: A Year in Review

St. Anthony’s Senior Living: A Year in Review


Posted: December 15, 2021

How in the world are we already upon the end of 2021?! For many, it seems like we’re still living in the year 2020, let alone another full year into the future. But it’s the truth—here we are, stepping into the New Year full steam ahead! Even though the holidays are often seen as a time to “rest and recover” from the previous 11 months, we think Christmas is also a time to CELEBRATE. To pause, reflect, and acknowledge all that God has done in a full calendar year is so important. Unfortunately, we often remain worried about what the new year might bring or if we’re going to make it through winter, but forget about all the victories that just happened in our families, lives, and friend groups. Therefore, we’d like to give you a window into the St. Anthony’s Senior Living Community to get a glimpse of what we’re celebrating at the end of 2021. Our “year in review” gets us just as excited to do it all again in 2022.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, and some things we are looking forward to next year, allow us to highlight four specific areas at St. Anthony’s Senior Living and why we’re grateful for your support in the process. After all, “gratefulness” and/or “thankfulness” is what our entire operation hinges on here in the heart of Kansas City. The least we can do is write a few words down about the people who mean so much to us on a daily basis.

Our Senior Living Staff

That’s right—the last paragraph justifiably highlighted the word “people” because without any of the following four people groups, St. Anthony’s wouldn’t exist! Therefore, this first group of individuals had to be first on our list.

These men and women come early and stay late. They wash clothes and clean rooms. They cook meals and wash dishes. They laugh and bring joy. They listen when things get sad. The staff at St. Anthony’s Senior Living is second to none. For those who don’t know exactly what that phrase stands for, “second to none” means they’re the absolute BEST at what they do for our residents. The absolute BEST at what they do for our residents. On top of their expertise and hard work, they do it all with a smile on their face. (For the most part, because we all have bad days now and then, right?)

When you enjoy the people you get to work alongside, chances are you’re going to like the job itself. In 2020/2021, our staff was tested like never before. Grinding out long days, adhering to protocols and attending to our community is something they did without complaint, and for that persistence…we say THANK YOU to our senior living staff. Words will never do justice to your sweat and tears each day.

Our Residents

With all that said on our staff, our employees wouldn’t have a job to do without the wonderful men and women that reside at St. Anthony’s Senior Living Community. Although many of our residents walk through the doors their first day with bells and whistles on, some are understandably curious about their new community. Fortunately, nearly everyone that spends more than a couple days in our senior living community realizes there is just something different about this place. We truly believe God’s presence and peace is within these walls, and it creates for a safe environment where our residents are free to be themselves.

So… we want to say THANK YOU to our residents for nothing other than being themselves each and every day. Nothing more and nothing less than who God made them to be. Most of our residents spent their careers trying to establish themselves or attain big goals—neither of which are bad in of themselves. But when they’re at St. Anthony’s, the walls come down and the pressure is OFF (for a lot of them) to just enjoy life and the company of one another. Thank you, St. Anthony’s, for helping us smile throughout a wild year. Let’s cruise into 2022 with hope and joy—just like you already do so well.

Our Kansas City Community

 We have written extensively about all there is to do in and around this wonderful city! Kansas City is such an incredible place to build a family and find joy in the day-to-day. And one of the best parts about St. Anthony’s Senior Living is that we are right in the heart of the action. Let’s consider a few of our favorite “to do’s” around town—some we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, and some that might be new to you! (If they are, make sure you add them to your 2022 bucket list with someone you love—especially if that loved one lives here at St. Anthony’s.)

  • The Plaza Art Fair
  • Kansas City Chiefs football games
  • The Nelson Art Gallery
  • Food and shopping around the Brookside shops!
  • Walking around Loose Park (just down the street from us)
  • Grabbing coffee at The Roasterie in Brookside
  • Honoring our veterans at The Liberty Memorial
  • Eating the world’s best barbecue, of course!
  • Or a hot dog out at Kauffman Stadium

You just can’t go wrong in KC, and we’re thankful that our residents and families make use of the surrounding metro. This leads us to…

Our Families

Or in other words, YOU! We could have stopped after three groups that make St. Anthony’s so great, but it would be wrong to gloss over the families that made 2021 so special. Although our staff and residents love each other and get along just fine, we always welcome new faces from visitors. It helps our staff to meet children and grandchildren from residents, so please make time to stop by in 2022!

And while we still have a few days left in 2021, consider what YOU are thankful for this year. What is worthy of celebrating, and how can you thank the people that made your year so wonderful? Senior living is one way to put it, but nothing is better than the gift of human life. Whether you’re 1-year-old or 99-years-old, each breath is a chance we’ve been given from God to love others well and enjoy the wonders of life. For that reality alone, we will celebrate each year with gratitude.

And finally, Merry Christmas from the St. Anthony’s team! Hallelujah, the Savior is born.

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