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The Advantages of Multi-Level Care Communities: Offering Continuous Care

There are many ways to retire, from living out your days at home or with adult children to considering different types of living communities. If you’re thinking about different options for senior living, the best decision for you may be a multi-level care community like St. Anthony’s!


What is a Multi-Level Care Community?

A multi-level care community is a type of living community for older adults and seniors where several different levels of care are offered, from total independence to 24/7 intensive care. Multi-level care communities offer residents the opportunity to shift when greater care levels are needed, while remaining in the same space! It’s most common for this type of living community to offer three levels of care:


Level 1: Independent Living

For seniors who are ready to downsize, ready to cut back on home maintenance, and ready to enjoy their retirement to the fullest, independent living is the perfect place to take on life’s next great adventure! Independent living residents typically don’t require much care support, but appreciate the benefits of having everything they need on the senior living campus while continuing to enjoy their active lifestyle. Independent living settings can be ideal for those wanting to embrace all the ease that retirement has to offer, while still planning for future care needs.


Level 2: Assisted Living

As seniors age, they may reach a point where they require additional support managing activities of daily living (ADLs) such as eating, dressing, or moving around. When these needs become substantial enough to affect everyday life, residents of multi-level care communities will move from independent living to assisted living, with caregivers ready to give them all the love and support they need. As needs change, it’s comforting to remain in the same community while getting helpful daily care.


Level 3: Memory Care

If an older adult begins to experience symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia with increasing severity, they may require greater attention and care to help them live a safe and fulfilling life. Whether they are coming from independent living, assisted living, or outside of the senior living community, memory care is a close-knit family ready to welcome them home.


Five Advantages of Life in a Multi-Level Care Community

Regardless of what level of care you or your loved one require, living in a multi-level care community comes with a plethora of perks! Here are five reasons multi-level care is the way to go for senior living.


1. Flexible Care Options

No two people are alike at any age or stage in life, and care options in senior living should reflect that! Multi-level care communities are designed with customized care in mind, curating a lifestyle and support plan for each individual based on unique preferences and needs.

This flexibility isn’t just for assisted living and memory care residents. Independent living residents can also customize their lifestyle just as they decorate their apartment to become home. This could mean deciding when they eat meals in St. Elizabeth’s Bistro and when they cook for themselves, or attending every Happy Hour versus hosting a book club. One resident may love the added support of housekeeping, whereas another prefers to tidy their own home but doesn’t mind getting help with the laundry.


2. Easier Transitions When More Care is Required

Care needs may change over time. Residents may enjoy the freedom of independent living for many years, but a series of falls, increasing symptoms of dementia, or difficulty managing ADLs may signify it’s time for a change. When a senior lives in a multi-level care community, the transition to increased care is much easier! Some residents may even be able to stay in their same apartment for a time and still receive the care they need before eventually moving to assisted living or memory care.

This ease of transition is crucial for memory care residents. Familiarity is everything for those in need of memory care. So staying in the community they already know and love is so important.


3. Additional Support Services

Beyond help with ADLs, residents at every care level in a multi-level care community have access to several services that make life easier and more relaxed. Some services residents of multi-level care communities might enjoy include:


  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Dining and meals
  • Transportation
  • Concierge services
  • On-site medical care
  • Religious services and support
  • Physical therapy and exercise programs
  • On-site beauty parlor


4. Floor Plans to Accommodate Preference and Need

Multiple levels of care mean multiple options for accommodations, as residents may require certain apartment necessities depending on their lifestyle. Independent living residents are more likely to use a full-size kitchen, whereas a kitchenette will do for those having all their meals prepared for them. Spouses or friends living together in the community may want a couple of bedrooms, whereas a single resident might prefer having less space to manage. In the case of partners with varying levels of care required, the right apartment to meet the needs of one should also be comfortable for the more independent spouse.


5. Accessible Amenities at Every Level

The best part of any senior living community — beyond the loving community itself — is the amenities! At St. Anthony’s, you can expect access to fantastic activities and services at every level! While these amenities may look different depending on care need (for example, attending group classes in the fitness center versus chair exercises in the memory care community room), every resident of every ability gets to enjoy amenities that support them holistically.

Wellness in senior living is about more than just physical health and safety. It’s also about meeting each person’s emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs! That’s why amenities at St. Anthony’s are more than just cocktails and cozy living spaces. It’s about giving each resident freedom, comfort, and fun that meets them at their level.


Enjoy Care and Community at St. Anthony’s Senior Living!

We don’t just check boxes and put you in a “level of care” at St. Anthony’s. We are a community full of communities, and we want each person joining our home to feel welcomed and like they are getting all the joy, happiness, and care they need to thrive. Come visit us by scheduling a tour to get a taste of life at St. Anthony’s, no matter where you are in your senior living journey.