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Memory Care Transition: How Memory Care Can Reduce Stress for Seniors


There can be various reasons why someone might feel afraid or hesitant to move their loved one to memory care. They may worry the change in environment will be difficult for someone with a memory loss illness to adjust to, or they may feel a sense of guilt that they can’t provide them the necessary care themselves.


But the reality couldn’t be more different. Memory care is designed specifically to make life more comfortable, enjoyable, familiar, and safe for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other memory loss-related illness.


It’s important to acknowledge the benefit of memory care and address concerns by exploring how St. Anthony’s Senior Living customizes each resident’s living experience. Let’s explore how transitioning to memory care can actually reduce stress and create a better quality of life for seniors.




How Memory Care Makes Life Comfortable

Comfort is one of the first things you should look for when considering memory care for your loved one. Just because they are downsizing and moving into a senior living community where they will receive treatment and care doesn’t mean your loved one can’t also live in comfort and feel at home!



Private Studio Apartments

At St. Anthony’s, our memory care apartments are equipped with private, spacious bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms with a separate living room, kitchenettes, storage space, and even a washer and dryer. Everything is designed with comfort and safety in mind, ensuring your loved one will have all the privacy of their own home with caregivers readily available.



Family-Style Dining

All memory care residents enjoy family-style dining with their fellow seniors, offering a selection of finger foods to help residents enjoy independence. Our menu is prepared by top-tier chefs and reviewed by a dietician to ensure every resident gets the nutrition they need while considering any dietary restrictions. And we’re happy to accommodate our residents to ensure they get the necessary nutrition.



Physical Exercise

Physical fitness is vital for keeping the body limber and easing the aches and pains that can occur with age. Studies have even shown that exercise improves memory retention! At St. Anthony’s, we start each morning in memory care with “Memory and Stretch.” This memory-stimulating practice includes light exercises in which residents of all physical capabilities can participate.




How Memory Care Makes Life Enjoyable

Life should be full of fun experiences, regardless of age, capability, or living situation! Memory care takes away so many stressors of everyday life and replaces them with support, community, and activities that engage the mind and help memory care residents find renewed purpose and meaning in their lives. At St. Anthony’s, we believe in prioritizing mental health just as much as physical well-being.



Games and Activities

Memory care residents at St. Anthony’s enjoy playing card games, coloring, trying new crafts, and music therapy to activate their creative sides. Our caregivers love getting to know each unique resident and helping them find the activities they really enjoy, so each day is full of fun and happiness!



Built-in Community

Everyone needs relationships and community to thrive, and memory care surrounds residents with fellow seniors experiencing similar struggles. This socialization helps them to retain memories and continue forming new ones rather than feeling lonely and isolated.



Personalized Care

Our caregivers truly love and care deeply about our residents in memory care! They treat your loved ones like their own family and go out of their way to get to know each wonderful personality and the stories behind them. In addition to the heartfelt care, every one of our staff members in memory care is (or is training to become) a certified dementia practitioner!



How Memory Care Makes Life Familiar

Familiarity is powerful for aiding memory retention. While it may take some time for your loved one to adjust when they first move into a memory care facility, surrounding them with favorite objects, family photos, and familiar furniture and decor from their home can help the transition feel more natural.



Deliberate Nostalgia

In addition to encouraging familiarity in the resident apartments, we have woven nostalgia into every detail of the decor around the memory care facility at St. Anthony’s, harkening back to a past that your loved one will remember with deep fondness. We also have group talks with residents where we invite them to share their life experiences and talk about memories that shaped who they are today.



Faith-Based Living

Another important element of familiarity for many seniors is their faith. Although memory care residents may forget names and certain life events, many still remember every word of their favorite hymn or a meaningful passage. Faith is integral to who we are, and that is why we are proud to be a faith-based senior living community!



How Memory Care Makes Life Safe

One of the main reasons you may be considering memory care for your loved one is to ensure their safety. It can be hard to take care of someone with a memory loss illness all the time, especially when you have your own situations to worry about. Memory care facilities are designed to keep your loved one safe, minimizing potentially dangerous situations.


St. Anthony’s is a gated community with highly trained, caring staff on-site 24/7 in the memory care facility. We use a non-invasive wander monitoring system to help keep your loved one safe and sound at all times.



There’s No Place Like St. Anthony’s

At St. Anthony’s, we put our hearts and souls into every intentional detail of our approach to memory care. Our goal is to guarantee you and your loved one feel 100% confident about the decision to move to memory care so the transition can be stress-free for everyone involved. Contact us to learn more about memory care at St. Anthony’s and schedule a tour!