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Our Memory Care Key Signatures: Wellness

Memory care at St. Anthony’s is different from memory care anywhere else. Why? It comes down to the key signatures we intentionally implement into care for our residents daily.

For those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, life should be about more than daily hygiene tasks and medical necessities. Life can be beautiful and purposeful, even when the journey looks different.

We turn to six memory care key signatures to care for our residents and help them live a meaningful life. These highlights include essential aspects such as family partnerships and team development.

Our six memory care key signatures are vital in our Journeys program. The six signatures are:

One of the key signatures that is essential to physical, mental, and spiritual health is wellness. What does wellness look like at St. Anthony’s? See how we put wellness at the forefront of each day.

Cultivating All-Encompassing Wellness

At St. Anthony’s, wellness is more than a matter of medications, diagnoses, and therapies. We see wellness as all-encompassing. Wellness is the happiness and joy we can experience in everyday moments. We believe that matters, especially for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Scientific research echoes this point of view. Studies on healthy aging show that those who embrace wellness as part of everyday life see significant benefits. According to the National Institute of Wellness, this lifestyle habit is an active process that can lead us to a more successful existence.

First, wellness is a process. It takes time and a routine to cultivate. Secondly, wellness requires awareness — after all, living a healthy life in all areas isn’t something that takes place by accident. Lastly, wellness requires making choices. Here at St. Anthony’s, we see ourselves as partners in guiding residents through these healthy choices and watching them live happier lives.

Wellness encompasses many different areas that affect our lives. Emotional wellness involves the expression of feelings in a healthy way. While communicating with emotion can be more difficult with dementia and Alzheimer’s, our team is attentive and observant to understand the needs of our residents.

Intellectual and occupational wellness are crucial areas of health that other memory care facilities may not put at the forefront. However, stimulating the mind and experiencing the rewarding feeling or using skills are always essential to one’s overall happiness. At St. Anthony’s, we are always thinking about how to help memory care residents find that sense of purpose and experience the joys of being an active participant in life.

As a faith-based community, we’re honored to offer spiritual wellness for those of all faiths. With regular mass, prayer sessions, and singing hymns, loved ones in our care feel an uplifting spirit. Another benefit of memory care at St. Anthony’s is the social aspect of our community. From spending time with other residents to enjoying the company of our compassionate staff, we see the rewards our residents experience by being social.

Of course, wellness also includes physical aspects of the body. From nutrition to physical activity, these are essential areas of health that need attention, regardless of age.

Ensuring Quality of Life

When it comes to physical health and medication, a careful balance is required to ensure conditions are appropriately treated. Our expert staff consults with physicians and family members to find a balance of medication and treatment that makes those with dementia or Alzheimer’s most comfortable.

Medications may be prescribed to treat the condition, manage mood or behavior changes, and help with other medical conditions. Our team is here to ensure that residents safely take the proper medications. To do this, our team may consider the following:

  • Why is this medication being used?
  • What positive effects should I see?
  • How long should it be taken?
  • What are the side effects, and how can those be managed?
  • Can this medication interfere with other prescriptions?

Our on-staff nurses are here to help with care planning that may constantly change. We’re committed to helping your loved one find the right balance of medication and treatment to create the best quality of life possible.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

Wellness also includes the safety of your loved one from their apartment to common living areas. This safety is the highest priority to our team, and you’ll find that we’ve considered everything. Here are some of the ways that we’ve created a safe environment at St. Anthony’s:

  • Furniture is arranged to avoid clutter and trip hazards
  • Night lights help patients find their way after hours
  • No loose rugs or carpet edges
  • Smoke detectors are fully functional
  • No protruding furniture can cause harm
  • Non-slip surfaces in bathrooms

In addition to these safety features and many more, St. Anthony’s is a gated community with additional security staff to ensure your loved ones are safe in their memory care home.

Creating a Life Story Together

As the caretakers of our memory care residents, we know that the St. Anthony’s staff has an important role to play in the life and wellness of your loved one. One way we implement this is by encouraging staff members to look at each resident’s life story.

Not only do our caring team members get to know your loved one’s story, but they also add to it! As our team guides residents through each day, they can add helpful details to each life story. For instance, if a staff member notices something that helps a resident calm or something that triggers challenges, they can add this to the story to help every caregiver provide residents with the best experience possible each day.

For example, this may include finding a favorite fuzzy robe or a love for chocolate. As each caregiver documents these preferences, interests, and habits, this life story can have a substantial positive impact on our residents.

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