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7 Types of Senior Living Communities

Whether you are recently retired, have been enjoying retired life for years, or are looking into care options for an aging loved one, making the right decision comes with plenty of questions: What types of senior care communities are available? And what senior care services are right for my situation? What assisted living levels of care can I expect? 

When considering senior living, the first thing that comes to mind for many is a nursing home, or a setting for older adults who require highly attentive around-the-clock care. But the reality is, senior living spans a much broader range of options!

You should be able to enjoy your golden years with as much independence and freedom as you can, which is why it’s important to know all the options available to you before deciding what you want your retirement to look like. From seniors-only neighborhoods to 24/7 care facilities, here is everything you need to know about the different types of senior living available to you or a loved one.


Types of Senior Living Communities:

1. Age-Restricted Community

These private, often gated neighborhoods are designed for retired residents who can still live fully independent lives but are ready to downsize from a larger home. The homes in these communities are often one-story private residences and may include housekeeping or landscaping support, though on-site medical care typically isn’t available.

To qualify for living in an age-restricted retirement community, at least one resident must be a minimum age (usually around 55 years old).

2. Independent Living Community

An independent living community is a retirement community for those looking for the perfect balance of support and complete independence. Residents of independent living communities don’t have to worry about home maintenance and may have medical care easily accessible on-site, all with the freedom to continue living their busy lifestyles.

At St. Anthony’s, our independent living residents enjoy several on-site amenities and features that help them feel right at home in a loving, caring community. With a restaurant, salon, library, fitness center, Daily Mass, and an events calendar packed with fun classes and activities, you’ll never run out of ways to pack your schedule full of entertainment! 

3. Assisted Living Facility

For seniors who are no longer able to safely live independently, assisted living offers an ideal balance of residential housing and on-site support services. Whether you or a loved one require assistance eating, bathing, maintaining a healthy routine, or getting around, assisted living means getting all the help you need without sacrificing autonomy.

Assisted living is another option offered at St. Anthony’s. Assisted living residents all have different needs and goals, so we tailor every care plan to each individual senior who joins our community. Those in assisted living typically enjoy more of an apartment-style residence, with private living space in addition to their bedroom, often including a kitchen or kitchenette area. 

4. Nursing Home

A nursing home is similar to an assisted living facility, but more specifically for those in need of 24/7 care. Many nursing home residents need constant care due to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, though the needs may be more physical or medical in nature as well.

Nursing home settings can provide thorough oversight for people needing medical care and assistance with daily routines, as well as transitional care for individuals who require acute care after surgery or major illness. Nursing homes tend to offer a more clinical environment, and rooms do not usually include kitchen or living room areas.

5. Skilled Nursing Facility

Though sometimes confused with a nursing home, a skilled nursing facility is actually a temporary living situation for those in need of 24/7 medical care for an extended period of time. Often, skilled nursing is a “step-down” setting for people ready to leave the hospital, but not ready to live independently or return to assisted living. 

Those living in a skilled nursing facility have access to physical, occupational, and speech therapy, along with other intensive medical care. The services are focused on rehabilitation rather than lifestyle maintenance, and residents live at a skilled nursing facility temporarily until they are able to return to transition to a more permanent living environment. People typically benefit from a skilled nursing facility when they need more medical attention and rehabilitation services than available at assisted living or nursing home facilities.

6. Memory Care

Although nursing homes are often what you think of when it comes to memory care, they are not the only place aging adults can receive memory support! St. Anthony’s offers memory support services for residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory difficulties.

Our St. Anthony’s team of loving and skilled caregivers are trained specifically in memory loss care and we offering person-focused treatment to enrich the lives of memory care residents and prolong vital memory function.

7. Continued Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

The most all-inclusive senior living option, Continued Care Retirement Communities have a wide range of living and care options to meet a variety of resident needs. This is what we do for our residents at St. Anthony’s! Our The CRCC living options at St. Anthony’s cover every need from independent living to assisted living and memory care all on our inclusive, beautiful campus, ensuring that once you join the St. Anthony’s family, we will always have the care you need.


Which Senior Living Community is Right for You?

With so many options for retirement and senior living, determining the right fit can be challenging. At St. Anthony’s, our comprehensive care and living options make it easier than ever to find the perfect fit. For those only newly retired, significant care may not be necessary yet, making an age-restricted community or independent living great options for you. Those in need of more support, on the other hand, should consider what Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) they struggle to complete independently.

We are passionate about creating a welcoming home for seniors of all ages and stages, and St. Anthony’s offers several options. If you’re in the early years of retirement, you can continue enjoying your ideal lifestyle as a member of our independent living community. If the time comes when you require further care, we will make the transition as smooth as possible to settle you comfortably in assisted living with like-minded residents eager to keep enjoying life without worrying about the care they need.

If you or a loved one are ready to transition into senior living in the Kansas City area, contact us to find out if St. Anthony’s is right for you!